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馬達 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

急~~~!!請各位幫忙將以下的文章翻譯成英文 謝謝^^



為了提高車主購買與安裝原廠配件的便利性,MAZDA Taiwan已從今年五月開始陸續於全台的MAZDA服務廠設立原廠配件的「MAZDA御裝中心」,預計到今年底前,全台將有五家旗艦級的御裝中心,同時每家經銷商皆會設置不同規模的原廠配件御裝中心;而到2008年時,全台48個服務廠都會成立御裝中心,並且會依據每個服務廠的規模,分成旗艦版、豪華版、基礎版與簡易版4個等級。消費者在前往服務廠進行保養或維修時,即可以優惠價格選擇最適合自己風格的原廠配件,減少在市面上購得不良品質配件的風險。同時在購買配件之後,隨即可以由受過MAZDA專業技術訓練的服務人員於現地進行安裝施工,提供最佳的完工品質,讓車主能夠一次即完成配件的購買與安裝,更為省時便利。



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    For raising a car owner to purchase and installing the convenience of original factory accessories, the MAZDA Taiwan has established "the MAZDA is imperial to pack center" of original factory accessories in the MAZDA service factory of whole set continuously since this May already, anticipating by the end of this year, whole set will have five flagship classes of imperial pack center, each distributor all will establish different scale in the meantime of the original factory accessories is imperial to pack center;And till 2008, whole set 48 service factories all will establish imperial pack center, and the meeting basis is each scale of service factory, being divided into flagship version, luxurious version, foundation version and simple version is 4 grades.The consumer chooses by special price then while going to service factory to carry on maintaining or maintain the most suitable match the original factory accessories of own style, reduce is buying badly the risk of quality accessories on the market.In the meantime after purchasing accessories, immediately can by be subjected to the attendant which trains over the MAZDA professional technique in Be now carry on installing a construction, provide the best completion of work quality, let car owner can once namely complete accessories to purchase with gearing, more for save time convenience.

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