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Matthew Knights - Coaching Experience?

What background does Matthew Knights have in coaching, does anyone know?

To me, he seemed to come unheralded out of left field.

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    He coached the Port Adelaide Magpies for 20 games and won 7 and lost 13 .

    Then he coached the Bendigo Bombers for 55 games and won 20 and lost 35.

    I am sort of worried about next year. Matthew Knights doesn't have a good record.

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    dunno about Knights, not a proven head coach to my thinking, shame Hirdy didn't want to do it! I would have preferred O'donnell or Ayres over Knights. And Sheedy to all of them, he was pushed at least a year too early! It is a matter of money that coaches do well, of course, but all of my nominees go further than the mighty buck, they love what they do and get excellent results from players who by themselves are less than brilliant. Other actual coaches that do likewise - the Hawks', the Cats' of course, GO BOMBER T, and yeah, old Pagan has had wonderful results with people not up to human standard on or off the field, as we've seen in the papers the last week or so.....

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    There was never going to be anyone else for the Essendon coaching position. The Essendon committee threw the media off the scent, by throwing out other big names, until Sheedy had his proper farewell.

    Knights has the respect of the senior players, and the reserves, who he coached.

    Matt is not new to Windy Hill,or to coaching, having a special interest in the indigenous players and their welfare at Essendon when they were first recruited to the bombers. He has been on the payroll at Essendon for some time, and is known as someone who does not buckle under pressure, similar to his never say die attitude when he played for Richmond.His three new assistant coaches all have the expertise that complements his approach to winning.

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    Essendon barrackers, be worried, scared and concerned.

    Don't expect Matty Knights to coach more than 22 matches at Windy Hill. Sheeds was a winner at Richmond, Matt Knights was only captain, best & fairest. Sheeds won some premierships, Knights only watched on TV or the stands at the MCG.

    Port (SANFL) and Bendigo (VFL) ain't the plan.

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    He has heaps was with the Port Adelaide Magpies for 2 years, and has been with the Bendigo Bombers for 2 years

  • It doesn't matter who coaches the Bombers for 2008 because I don't think they have any chance of finishing higher up on the ladder than 12th.

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    I didn't even know him to be even an assistant coach at any of the AFL clubs. But the clubs have so many assistant coaches these days one loses track of who is who in the coaching game.

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    probably not

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    he has absoloutly none

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