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Why does it seem like you *either* have to go to a church that sings hymns and is spiritually ...?

kind of dry or a church that clearly has LIFE in it but only sings repetitive praise choruses?

I'm not against the praise choruses --- if people like them, great. But for me I have a *deep* love of old hymns --- it actually makes me feel *less* worshipful to sing praise choruses than to sing old hymns that are packed full of God's truth.

Do I just need to suck it up and go to a church with music that I hate? Or go to a church where I'm totally excited to be praising God by singing hymns but everyone else seems half dead?

Anyone know what I'm talking about? I'm not trying to criticize anyone --- truly. But I feel like I have to sacrifice part of myself to go to either 'kind' of church!

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    Uuugh, I do know what you mean. When I moved a few months ago I actually ended up in a church that is Alive and sings the old hymns. I'm really not into churches that just sing choruses and have drums and a "praise team", etc. I just love to hear a congregation singing songs they know and love and feel in their hearts.

    I think in that situation you'd have to evaluate which would drag you down more, not being able to worship God with music you love, or being with people who really don't seem to care. If you're the kind of person who can go to a dry church and bring your own energy and joy to it, then that's what I'd go for.

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    My church tries the whole "blended worship" thing also, and as someone who really likes both kinds of music, I'd love it if we could do it right. On services when we happen to have more of one kind then the other, certain people just don't come (and vice versa). It's a little ridiculous, and when we try to actually talk about it, the "stalwarts" on both sides don't budge an inch -- they both think it's "wrong" to even go blended. And the church is too small to be able to absorb the loss (yes, sadly, of $$$) if we lose either set of "stalwarts". So guess what, we just continue on not talking about it and missing certain people on certain Sundays.

    Now, where are you going to go? I'll assume for your sake that the message is the same in both cases, and music itself is the only deciding factor. I would go to the place that brings YOU personally closer to God, and I'm not talking about an "experience" necessarily. According to one of your earlier questions, doctrine is important to you. If the doctrine is the same, by all means go to the place where you're totally excited to be praising God.

    Another factor would be what you can offer to either place. Is there a place where your talents are needed to serve in either church? Do you fill a need in any place? Not to get all "puffed up" or anything, but you have a specific set of talents that God uses, and in such a case, your decision may NOT rest on how you feel about the music.

    I know you're gonna pray about it. God bless!

    Have a great night!

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    You need to go to a church where you feel feed and excitied bo be there. The church I go to does not sing hymns or praise songs, I am not sure where the songs come from. I know the one last Sunday the song leader wrote. It was about not forgetting about what Jesus has done for us. It makes me cry everytime. I love the church I attend, can always feel the presence of God, which is important to me, maybe not to someone else. You need to go where you feel that you can really open up and worship. This is where all the healing and deliverances take place. I think it is difficult to find the special place where we belong and yet are still filled. I know that God will lead you there, just trust in Him.

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    I generally dislike modern music in churches. I grew up with classical music in church, and now that I'm involved with the church music myself, that's what we've still got. As long as I've got a say in it, Beethoven, Mozart and Handel will still be welcome in our services. Some people say that we should modernize the music, but why? Watered-down soft rock music and folksy choruses just don't cut it for me spiritually. A choir, strings, pipe organ and Bach versus some guy with an acoustic guitar...is there even a contest? And the old hymns are so beautiful and meaningful. It's hard for me to feel reverent in the presence of music that isn't. The music is such an important part of the service to me that I don't want to skimp on it. I also don't want to deny people younger than myself the chance to hear great spiritual music, because it influenced me so heavily when I was growing up, and made me feel closer to God. It's about praising God, not attending some wanna-be rock concert.

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    I know what you mean!

    I love to worship to the contemporary, but my FAVORITE is the solid hymns. But, I don't think there's any worse sound in the world than a church full of bored people dragging out, How Great Thou Art. I figure, whatever words or instruments you're using, WORSHIP God, or Shut Up.

    I'm spoiled in a way, We're so small that I get to pick the music. On the downside, we don't have any musicians at our Bible Study, so it's all accapella. And whether it's new or old, we sing songs that mean something, Because we serve a God that's worth it.

  • Tara
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    1 decade ago

    I know exactly what you mean.

    I love the old hyms.

    Also - I was raised from a baby in a certain church .. however, I found a church of a different domination, in a different town, which had music that seem to soar to the Heaven .. and the worship is moving.

    Go to the church where you are excited about praising God. Every person is different, and has different tastes .. so go where you like. Just don't judge the others .. they may love it.

    I know exactly what you are talking about.

    The important thing is to praise God.

  • Linnie
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    We have both in my church. We have the band that plays the "jump up and down" contemporary songs, but sometimes we sing the older hymns when the feeling strikes, too, acapella at first until someone gets to the piano! lol

    No offense meant, I know what you mean by the music moving you, but go for the church where you're getting the most out of the actual message. You could always buy some hymn CD's to listen to at home or on your way to church to "get you in the mood." :)

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    You can find a church that does both. My church does. We have a worship team, and sing some contemporary worship songs, and we also LOVE the old Hymns. I love both, by the way.

    My son plays both kinds of worship on his piano, so I get to hear them at home, too. It is a blessing, because he is 17, but loves both kinds also. He know which ones are my favorites, and usually plays them, too.

    Just remember, God loves all kinds of worship. He created music, and gave people the ability to use it, for His glory, of course! I belong to a Baptist Church, but, there are other churches who do the same. Try visiting some other churches, and see if you find one you like better! Just remember, the songs are for God, and not for our pleasure. But, were made to worship Him and Him alone! God Bless!

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    It is OK to change church. I did not like to go to the church with hymns, I felt like I was in funeral and I NEER had a personal realtionship with God, until I found it in my non-denominational church where we also hear conemporary worship music. Now I can bare to is it churches with hymns, but my regular thing is contemporary music playing church.

    We are just talking about the worship styles here on one true God, Jesus Christ.

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    My church only sings the hymns and I love my church, its full of life. Look for a good, Bible based church, they should be one of the ones that have the song worship style you like. God Bless.

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