Poor peer ponderings?

I am 15 and I go to a mostly muslim high school. My question is about why do the immigrant children from the or the children of immigrants from war torn country bring the chaos and the conflict into the school system? Among my peers, I see few immigrants in my school that actually seem to want to learn and to earn the gift of peace that was given to them as refugees. Most of the immigrants (mainly somalian in my school) simply want to do nothing except live in McDonalds for their entire life. I know that there are many citizens who do this too but there seems to be a higher percentage of them that want to learn. Do I see this because most of my peers are from the middle-east and why do the unions protest any attemps to integrate new refuges into our community (e. g. like giving all new refugees a good stable job that requires little education)? I don't mean to offend anyone and I try not to generalize. I know there are many immigrants and refugees that work hard. Sorry for any1 ofended


keep in mind I am living in Canada

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    Unions are that way with anyone who wants in on thier turf, it doesn't matter whether you're a refugee, or just a native-born youngster looking to get into the industry, they're very tight with new jobs, especially considering Union jobs are being lost every year.

    As to thier behavior, it sounds like they're catching on to the American Way pretty quickly. Hang out, eat fast food, ignore education. Sound like normal Ameircan kids to me - kudos for assimilating so rapidly! ;)

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    The unions that represent blue collar workers are on the defensive. Those kind of jobs have been shrinking in the US for the last few decades due to companies operating in foreign countries and newer technology making some of the jobs obsolete. Therefore, they are not going to give them to new refugees.

    Additionally, the government, business operators, and social outreach groups may want newcomers, but the general population doesn't necessarily share that viewpoint. They see changes occurring, and it makes them angry and/or afraid. Some of their fears are real, like the overcrowding of schools and the closure of hospitals because they have to serve so many uninsured people. Others are just perception-issues that might change if they got to know some of the newly arrived immigrants.

    Recently arrived immigrants fall into two general categories: supermotivated to succeed and those who are traumatized by what they left. While both groups may share the same socio-economic background, the former will face each obstacle as a challenge. The latter will use each one as an excuse for why their lives continue to be less than satisfactory.

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    Great Topic. I have asked a similar question for years now.

    Hats off to you for having the courage to spell it out. Although you are speaking of the children, I am commenting ads a whole. No offence should be taking. It is a problem and needs to be talked about without pointing fingers and name calling.

    I have noticed similar activity by immigrants that question our accountability to their residing here.

    God bless the refugees but I agree to wonder why also when I see questionable activity resulting in life threatening, even death by people who immigrate here and wonder .. what's up with that?

    Why bring your guns and trouble?

    It doesn't help when some officials have allowed false status for financial gain.

    We are all where we are at for our highest good.

    Judge not, for sure but when those immigrating to our continent pose trouble, incurr cost on tax payers, I'd rather send them back.

    If someone really wants to work, they will find a job.

    Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find.

    Granted some may not be into hiring immigrants but then they have their reasons be them politically correct or not. They have to live with it. I know of places that are happy to hire immigrants and do.

    What really bugs me the most regarding this topic is when I hear all this and that about multi cultural. We allow them into our countries, but then they form their own communities. There doesn't seem to be such a thing as multiculturalism.

    Some of our laws don't apply to some for the name of their religion. I say natta.

    You come to our Country, you abide by our laws. Simple. Why change our laws that apply to all of us to suit a foriener?

    Oh yes, but one has to be very careful when disputing these subjects because as I have learnt from past experience, they will turn to you yelling "Racist", when really, we are just voicing the fact(s), like 'what's wrong with the picture'?

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    maybe to fit in they decide to tell their story, just so ppl can have sympathy apond them...im 15 also and i here it all the time.

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