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Is Smoking Weed Bad?

Most Of My Friends Smoke Weed But I don't and I want to know if its bad?

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    Yes it is and I suggest you don't join them in this day and age everyone should know better then to smoke

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    Any type of smoking is bad for you. It doesn't matter if your smoking tobacco, pot or paper - you can still damage your body and get things like LUNG AND THROAT CANCER.

    The safest way to take weed is with a Vapourisor. (I think I spelt that wrong). It causes less damage to your body.

    Although many pot smokers like to claim its all sweet, theres not tar, cigarrettes are worse and the golden oldy "It's a plant man - el naturale" The fast is a drug is a drug.

    The definition of a drug is any foriegn substance that changes the normal behaviour or workngs of your body.

    Pot does just that. In more detail when you smoke Marijuana it cause the messages sent between your brain and the rest of your body to slow down. That is why its enjoyable and relaxing to most people. Some people however can get a bad feeling from what it does to your body.

    My advice is decide for yourself if you want to try it. If you don't enjoy it - don't continue doing it.

    Plus please use a vapourisor where ever possible. It is the best way to prevent lung and throat cancer (and that terrible smokers coff).

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    I'd say cigarettes are worse also: 1. Nasty chemicals in there 2. they're addictive! yeah, marijuana can be addictive too, but only in the way food or sex or gambling, etc. can be addictive--you really like it so you tend to crave it psychologically. cigarettes are physically addictive which is why you experience withdrawal symptoms when you quit; much harder habit to break. plus, you end up smoking much less weed than you do cigarettes because of this; it's much easier to moderate your consumption. I've never heard that marijuana kills brain cells other than in unsubstantiated alarmist literature. It's definitely not good for you to inhale smoke into your lungs, though. Marijuana does contain a lot more tar and other natural chemicals than cigarettes that are harmful. There are devices you can buy that will vaporize the THC in marijuana without "burning" the rest of the plant, so you get all the benefits without the nasty smoke inhalation--look into it if you're interested.

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    Smoking weed is not bad. First do some research. YOU CANNOT OVERDOSE ON WEED. its not possible. Weed does not control you. you dont get high and do irrational things. You can still think and function normaly . I been smoking about 6 years and all it has done is given me a different view on life. I see both sides to everything now, im way more optimistic, i still function normally i have a good job, girlfriend, friends and i have come to appreciate everything so much more. And finally its a PLANT! Drugs you have to alter to gain the desired effect. Think about it and smoke resposibly.


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    I consider myself a seasoned smoker now, there have been periods of my life where I smoked every day. I enjoy it, and thus far I attribute most of my colds and respiratory problems to cigarettes, not pot. Avoid cigarettes if you can--they are essentially a waste of money, they don't help you at all.

    Pot will release you like alcohol, but won't clog up your thoughts and prevent you from thinking or walking... I was surprised my first time smoking pot to find that, I could talk normally.. walk normally.. and think normally, I was simply enjoying my surroundings and the people I was with so much more.

    I have found, however, that the shadiest pot smokers I know are people who started when they were younger than 15 or 16. If you are curious about pot, please.. god.. wait until you are 16 or 17 to try it. Your brain needs more time to develop (and you need time to mature as a person) before you go subjecting yourself to this substance.

    Also, pot just isn't for some people... I have friends who regularly pass up smoking simply because they don't like the way it makes them feel... we never give them a hard time for it, though. It's their choice. My best friend abstains from it on a regular basis, yet he prefers to hang out with me and our other friends when we're high--simply because he enjoys the jovial atmosphere.

    If you plan on doing it:

    - Do it in a calm environment with someone you trust and who knows what the hell they are doing, so that you don't smoke too much your first time, this could lead to a bad experience.

    - Don't do it in the hours before you need to be somewhere important

    In the end, make the decision that you feel most comfortable with. Pot is non-addictive, fairly cheap, but illegal. Keep all these things in mind.

    Source(s): Much personal experience.
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    I have smoked weed for 35 years now, I have a great job, am intelligent, and have no memory loss. I smoke everyday, but never on the job, just on my own time. It relieves a lot of stress and tension for me. I have never done any other kind of hard drugs, although people say marijuana leads to harder drugs. I think it is the crowd you hang with that leads you to hard drugs. Like I said, I smoke daily, am in excellent health, and will continue to smoke it as long as it grows. I am not saying that you should smoke pot, but am giving you one persons (mine) experience with smoking marijuana. If you don't want to smoke it, don't do it because your friends do, most of my friends don't smoke it, but it hasn't stopped me. Just try to follow your feelings. Good Luck!!

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    Yeah smoking of any kind is detrimental to your health, mainly upper respiratory area. Use a vaporizer. And don't overdo it.

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    If you smoke it all the time, yeah. Your mind gets foggy. No pun intended.

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    No its not bad, its a plant, dont let people bullshit you and tell you that its bad. Weed has never killed anyone. BTW If someone tells you that it has tar in it its bullshit.

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