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Martina Hingis retired again from Tennis today at the young age of 27 because she tested positive for cocaine?

use and it was said she was high on it during her play in the 2007 Wimbledon. This is hogwash, I always rooted for this girl. In the era of the big players like huge Lindsay Davenport at 6'2" and the gangsta Williams sisters, the dimutive Hingis at 5'6 " 130 # was a real trooper, plus real cute. This is bullcrap. Even if she was high on coke, it would not enhance your play during sports. She should fight this till her death to get back her good name, you agree?

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    100% you are right on! I love Hingis! She has done great things for womans tennis. This whole thing bites. I wish she would fight it, atleast for her fans!

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    Firstly, 27 is definitely not YOUNG when it comes to womens tennis. She has been pro since she was 15, and so has had a 12 year professional career. Aside from golfers, there are not too many sports persons who have 12 year careers.

    Perhaps if you read all of the story you will see that she retired due to injury. She did not retire because of the " cocaine incident ". She had previously retired due to injury, and her comeback was more surpring than anything else.

    She has struggled this year and has rarely been fully fit. She is over 5 years older than most of her competitors and womens tennis is generally a young persons game. The girls are now fitter, faster and stronger than her, and if she is not 100% then she is no chance of winning, and it isnt in Hingis's nature to just be comeptitive, she wants to win.

    If you look at the current top 20 rankings on the WTA, you will see that only Amelie Mauresmo, Patty Schnyder and Serena Williams are older than Hingis, so she is not retiring YOUNG.

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    Wow, this is true? I think Hingis is ugly personally. She certainly didn't act like she was on coke. I agree I don't know how it would aid her performance. She'll return, though.

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    i am sure she would play again

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