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How much to hire a tree doctor?

I live in Florida and have a very large oak tree in my backyard that appears to be sick and possibly infested with termites. Can someone who has hired a tree doctor give me an idea of what kind of money I'm looking at to treat and/or have a tree removed?


Thanks, pixieotr, for your response. $10,000... holy cow, I may have an anxiety attack. Well, if it's even half that expensive, we'll have to wait until it falls over and crushes our house! Oh man. :(

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    I run a tree service in AZ. it depends on the size and location of the tree. we charge 135.00 per hr, based on the # of hours we think it will take to remove it. a small tree easily accessable can be as little as 300.00 and a very large tree with no or limited access can run over $10,000.

    depending on the severity of the infestation, you may or may not be able to treat the tree. if you are seeing signs of distress in the tree, it may be too late to do anything lasting as far as treatment is concerned. you would have to contact an arborist in your area to find out how bad off the tree really is.

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    Call around and ask.

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