Homework Question....Israel vs. Lebanon?

The question on my homework worksheet asks?

What day in the summer of 2007 did Lebanon win against Israel? (Please give the exact date)




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    Lebanon did not win that war, and Israel failed to accomplish one of its' goals....obtaining the return of some captured Israeli soldier.

    Israel retaliated against Lebanon in June of 2006. By all accounts, Hizbollah was seriously hurt during the conflict. In fact, Syria and Iran were brandishing nervous threats trying to get Israel to back off.

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    Good one!

    Since Israel completely lunched the Lebanese infrastructure I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me how Israel "lost" the war.

    No, Hezbollah claims to have won are a defensive measure in the face of the fact that their actions resulted in the Israelis wreaking billions of dollar of destruction on Lebanon.

    Some "victory" - I wonder how many more like that Lebanon can sustain before it goes belly up for the final time?

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    Lebanon never did win against Israel. Israel backed off after killing many of Lebanon's terrorist group. I think it was over 1000 of them killed. Lebanon has a bunch of wimps for their military.

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    1 decade ago

    they did not win

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