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Question for people who have actually played High School , College or Pro Football?

Just a question if you have played Football in H.S. or College even Pro , If you and your team were getting your a-s-s handed to you during a game did you ask the other team or player across from you to take it easy on you to not make you look bad or did you just nutt up and do something about it , maybe let a little pride take over just a thought , best answer 10 points.


Great answers so far , and my point to all this is why in the hell is everyone so upset at what the Patriots are doing it is not their fault these the teams they are playing cannot keep up or compete , and I am not a Patriots fan and yes they killed my team this year but thats their fault .

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Good answer Josh !

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    I've been on both sides at the high school (player/coach) and D3 NCAA (player) level. I've thanked players/coaches from another team for not running it up on my team, and I've been thanked for not running it up, but I've never asked or been asked to ease up in regulation.

    The thing to remember in the NFL is you've got 22 millionaires on the field at any given time being paid to give their best on every down. Win or lose, you better be punching out 100% every play, because there's a lot of dough at stake.

    You can't blame any player from the Patriots for running it up, because they're paid to score often and stop opponents from scoring as often as possible.

    If they're that good and can punish an opposite sideline full of millionaires by 30 or 40 points, that's not their fault. And I don't think you'd ever find a player on the other side of the ball saying, 'Go easy on me, Patriots. We're all getting paid, win or lose, so don't make me and my teammates look bad.'

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    High School football is a little different because there is not a fair playing field of recruiting/talent that the pros have. Even College does not have completely fair recruiting because some schools have a lot more money than others. If a pro team is getting blown out, they should just deal with it and try to stop the other team. If a high school team is getting blown out, the other team should not stop running plays, but they should stop running up the score because these are unpaid kids trying to have fun. I played HS ball, and everyone wants to win, but there is no need to embarras a team that maybe only has a limited amount of kids come out for the team.

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    Never!!!! I was very competitive. If we where doing poorly I would hammer on the guys that where causing the problems and expected the same from them .But over all we where a pretty good team. We would not try to intensely run up the score but sometimes it would happen do to are JV was a lot better then there V . I will admit some times if we where way ahead and I felt bad for the other team I would miss some catchable balls . I was a wide recever and a returner. . We had a few days that we got are butts kicked but that happens.

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    No way! If you were getting it handed to you; you sucked it up and if anything tried even harder. Maybe pride was involved, or you didn't want to be called out on game film the next day.

    The last thing anybody wanted to see was somebody giving up or wussing out. You certainly would not get any respect from the rest of your teammates!

    I recall one guy who was very talented and could have probably gone to the show, except every time we started getting whipped, he would come up with some sort of injury and not able to finish the game. Funny thing happened - he lost his scholarship and his shot!

    Edit - funny thing about getting your but whipped once in awhile - it will show the character players and the ones with desire, and the ones who should not be on the team

    Re-edit - when it comes to running up scores in pro leagues - there is no issue. You are getting paid to play. If you want to play for "fun" - play in a rec league where the don't keep score. There is no fun in loosing.

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    Never ever did I ask them to be easy on me. Even if we were getting whipped I always brought it to them 100% If I couldnt get my teammates back in the game I would fight even harder. Because when all was said and done even when they beat us they would remember who I was. True story i played linebacker and we got whipped 45-6. I played my best and gave it everything I had. I ended up with something like 8 solo tackles a int and 2 sacks. After the game the coach and some other players came up to me after the game and told me I was a crazy SOB, and that they wish they had more people like me on the team. Makes you feel good. You know what i mean.

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    No, however once as an assistant coach we put in a very green player late in the 4th Qtr on the O-line. He used to play soccer. The other team had a great coach and good talent beating us by 35 pts.

    The green kid lined up in the neutral zone. The ref went to pull his flag. He looked at me and I just rolled my eyes and shrugged my shoulders. Then an opposing linebacker astonished me. He waved for the ref's attention, seeing the penalty and nodded his head back and forth, while waving his hands at his waist level, together and away as if to say "Let it go." The ref sighed and let go the flag. The linebacker smiled smashed through the kids block as the ref let us run the play-no flag.

    Given the mismatch, that linebacker was truly sporting.


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    No I wouldn't ask them to take it easy. But I would expect them to have the first string in when they were up by 40 points in the third quarter. I would take the QB out the first chance I had. Also, I coach football and have more class than Bellicheat and would not be throwing 40 yard bombs with my starters when I'm up 40 points.

    Nobody is saying the Cheatriots should lay down. But take the starters out and run the football and clock with you second string. The game is essentially OVER. Leaving your starters out there is asking for an injury; intentional or not.

    BTW - Watch all the Cheatriot fans give me a thumbs down. Then listen to them complain when Brady is out for the season after getting injured in the 4th quarter when they're up by 30 or more!

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    We just play our game. Even if your getting your butt kicked, if you can keep your head up and keep playing intense physical football you never know what might happen. And if someone were to ask me to take it easy I would lay them out every play for the rest of the night. Note however that there is a difference between not taking it easy on someone and running up the score. Were not gonna back down, but were not gonna keep throwing 40 yard touchdown bombs if were up by 30 points.

    Source(s): varsity captain and starter both ways
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    I played high school football for 4 years and we lost two games total during those 4 years. So we never really got our asses handed to us.

    But I can tell you that no team in my 4 years ever asked us to take it easy on them.

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    If you ask the other team to take it easy, that shows no class for yourself. So no, to get pride back, we need to make big plays to stop them and try and do something offensively to give us a little hope of not sucking.

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