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I would like to know the average cost of web designing & hosting. Im not very knowledgeable about either but would like to start a website similar to "myspace" where people can sign up for their own pages with pics. Im looking for something basic to start with, nothing fancy.

Im not trying to "get rich" I just want to have fun & mess with it. Any other info or costs I should know about?

Serious answers only please.

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  • John R
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    1 decade ago
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    It costs you $5-$50 per web page, may be you can put your web project at http://getafreelnacer.com/ and let web designers bid for your project.

    You can also give http://aplis.net/ web hosting a try.

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    It is very difficult to tell the average cost for web designing. You can design your website by using website building tools or assign the work to professionals. Hence the cost starts from $0! The cost depends on the amount of time and skill level required to create a website. A website similar to one you mentioned can cost in thousands.

    The shared hosting has become dirt cheap but you should be careful while opting hosting plans and companies. It is always better to go for dedicated server when your site receives huge traffic.

    If you are just looking for fun then just look around, you will get lot of free tools that you are looking for.



  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Anything like that could be expensive..design costs for that could run in the thousands very easily. Web designers charge a lot...especially ones who will need to write a lot of dynamic code (which is what you are looking for...)

    Hosting is cheap out the gate, but will get more expensive if you host a lot of traffic. Blue host charges about 100 bucks a year for hosting how you would need it, and are very reliable.

    Making a social networking site is no joke. It takes time, and most people who design it ARE doing it to get rich (usually not by selling their designs..).

    All of this is not to say that you can't get lucky and find a web designer straight out of college to throw a grand at to design you the next big thing...

    But, if you just want your own site like that to "mess around with", well, you might be out of that league.

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    A great way to set up something like this is to use a Content Management System. There are hosting companies that supply these with one click setup.

    Check out this article: http://www.bestaffiliateprogramguide.com/chooseand...

    A great Content Management system that is free (you still need your domain name and hosting) is Joomla. Check out www.joomla.org. As well are the basic CMS there are a load of extensions that you can add. There is one called Community Builder that probably does pretty much what you are looking for. Try it out at http://www.joomlapolis.com/

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I used free hosting for a while but came to realize that it is free for a reason. They make their money off pop ups and advertising.

    If this is just a page for you then free is good... Other wise why go free when you can own your own domain name and have it hosted for 1 dollar a month.

    I use the 3 dollar package because it gives you the online web builder.

    BUT if you choose a dollar a month package then

    godaddy.com - 8.99 a year for a domain

    1 dollar a month for hosting

    so your cost for a site with your own name with no pop ups is 21.00 a year

    I say this because of the freebies that they offer.

    Message boards, Blogs, Private pages and you do not have to know how to program.



    CS ----

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    Hosting is usually less than $200 a year (for a good host)


    That site lists the best website hosting companies.

  • Delfin
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    1 decade ago

    You can get everything you need, including backend cms (content management systems), used for portals like you're talking about... phpnuke is an open source one,,,and there are several others, all for about $100/year at http://rockwebhosting.com

    I've been using them for about a year and they're pretty reliable people and the support is great.

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    hey u should then try the cheapest ever web hosting company its starter plan is $6 per year



    Do try and get answers to all ur questions & solve ur queries!!!!!!!


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