Are fondant cakes overrated?

I'm searching for my wedding cake and I'm on a tight budget. The fondant cakes are so pretty compared to the buttercream but they're so much more money. Two bakeries I called tried to talk me out of them saying they taste bad, don't freeze, and get melt in the June NJ weather. Any insight would be helpful. Are they worth it or not?

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    Personally I am a big fan on fondant cakes and these days you can get flavoured fondant. My cousin had white chocolate which was yum! You can also get buttercream flavoured fondant.

    As for people thinking it is nasty because there is often so much of it. Cake makers often make the cake weeks in advance (with finishing touches closer to the day) and a thicker layer of fondant is less likely to go bumpy (as the cake surface is not 100% flat, air bubbles and such) after so much time. Thiner fondant is much more appealing but needs to be made close to the wedding date.

    Persoanlly I would go with a fondant cake rather then buttercream (which I love as well) because bettercream will melt (your cake will be ruined) and you don't get that elegant 100% smooth surface that fondant gives. Fondant it definately worth getting.

    Here are some cakes:

    Butter cream:


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    My baker made it look like fondant. She had several pictures and the buttercream was spread so smooth that I asked if it was fondant. She said she could spread it to look anyway I wanted. Some pictures looked more whipped (you could see each stroke) and some were very smooth.

    I think the only time fondant works better than buttercream is for a very dark color. It's hard to get the buttercream in dark colors or in very very bright colors. But for a white or cream normal cake, not enough difference.

    And everyone on here is right--fondant tastes horrible!

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    I think so. While I have seen some gorgeous fondant cakes, I don't find the majority to be that pretty. Also, I have yet to meet anyone who thinks fondant is edible. And I can't personally justify spending all that extra money on something that will go straight in the trash. There are many bakers who can buttercream look like fondant if all you care about is the look.

    Try or the local boards at for ideas.

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    Buttercream tastes much better, but Fondant is beautiful.

    Maybe get 2 a small fondant "bridal party" cake and a separate wedding cake.

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  • Lydia
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    Fondant is pretty much for looks, not for taste. A skilled decorator should be able to pipe lovely designs onto a buttercream base.

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    I agree that fondant looks great, but doesn't taste very good. Get a small fondant cake for photos and for the cake-cutting ceremony, and then a sheet cake to be cut in the kitchen to serve to guests. The sheet cake will be far less expensive, and once it's cut up and served, who knows if it was a sheet cake or a much more expensive fancily-decorated one? That way you can have your cake and eat it, too!

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    Fondant is good if you want that super smooth, rounded edge look. You can't really get that rounded edge without it. But, I'm sure a lot of bakeries can make their regular frosting look very smooth...mine did. I have also heard that the fondant tastes bad, and it sort of smashes down the cake when people try to cut into it with their fork.

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    I personally don't agree they're prettier, but that's a matter of taste. And speaking of taste, fondant could never compare with buttercream for great flavor!

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    I think that the smoothness of fondant is very pretty but I didn't get it because I wanted black piping on the cake to match the embroidery on my dress and the black tehy told me would run because the fondant is water based. If you want a really classic looking cake ask for the butter cream to have teh basket weave, it's beautiful

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    my cake is going to be both. it will all be buttercream except for some decorations like ribbons and leaves, where only the fondant can be shaped into. when the cake is cut, the fondant can be easily removed.

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