Would using swirl remover spoil the paint job of a car if used by itself or if its followed by regular polish?

Appears its ok if followed by regular wax but what if swirl remover was followed by regular car polish?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Use the swirl remover then the polish then follow up with wax. Like the previous poster said, polish will only cover up the swirls. Hand polishing is not enough. You will need machine buff to get them out for good. Go to a reputable detailer in your area to get it done right.

  • 1 decade ago

    This can be a loaded question. Swirls in the paint normally need to be buffed out by machine and performed by a qualified cut and polish technician. Swirl removers will temporarily resolve the problem but the next time you wash the vehicle the swirls will tend to come back as they are only be "filled" by the swirl remover and thus removed when washed. You can usually get a good buffing and or cut and polish done by a "reputable" detail shop. Be careful. They can also BURN your paint and once that happens the burned panel will need to be repainted and cleared complete. Hope this helps. BLACK is prone to show the most swirl marks and is very difficult to keep clean.

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