How do I find a good topic for a speech to inform?

My teacher is meking me do a speech to inform and i cant get a topic. HEPL!!

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    You could choose some topic about which you feel you know more than your classmates. For instance, if you have taken a trip to a foreign country, you might want to tell the class about that place. If you play a musical instrument or have a hobby, you might want to talk about that. If you have some political issue in which you are interested, you could do some research and tell people about this topic.

    Some other topics on which you could do some reseach:

    global warming

    importance of good nutrition for health

    importance of getting enough sleep for health

    I would suggest you stop into your local public library and ask the librarian for aditional help. I'd also suggest that you check with your teacher to see whether the topic you choose is OK. Good luck.

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    1 decade ago

    I am in speech class in college and I always have problems thinking of a topic. Speak about something that is important to you, but also something that is relevant to the whole class. Try doing the history of something - maybe Starbucks or Chick-fil-A - or an organization like the YMCA. Brainstorm for a couple minutes.

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    at the same time as writing a speech that's considered needed to think about who the target audience is, what the format will be, and what the final problem is about. progression your speech with language and understanding base directed on the age crew represented. as an party, you'll not pick to talk evolutionary concept to 0.33 graders. The format would nicely be both immediately ahead speech (monologue) or it would nicely be a speech which prompts the target audience to have interplay as well. And, what's the final problem area. that's considered needed to ascertain a speech or presentation it is correct to the target audience. For exmaple, talking gay rights to an target audience of english majors would no longer be the superb selection. mostly, pick a subject matter you experience pastime in which is correct to the target audience and problem area

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    I did "How to make Hemp Jewelry" one year for college and I made and bracelet for each person in my class, it was a hit. Anything that you know something about is a plus then you won't be so nervous, it will come more natural.

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  • Kim
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    1 decade ago

    What do you know how to do? Bake brownies, scrapbook, etc. You speak best about what you know.

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