do u know what's "cowpat music"?

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    'Cowpat music' is a rather unkind term used to desribe a certain genre of English classical music at the beginning of the twentieth century. This music was rather gentle and pastoral in mood and very 'English' in character. Because some of this music was inspired by English folk songs and the English countryside, it was rather looked down upon by the more experimental British composers of the time.

    The phrase 'cowpat music' was coined by the London-born composer Elisabeth Lutyens (1906-1983). She wrote tough, terse music which was a million miles away from the 'cowpat music' she so disliked. Composers who might be considered as having written 'cowpat music' would be:

    Ralph Vaughan Williams

    George Butterworth

    Gerald Finzi

    EJ Moeran

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