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television entertainment for cepa......URGENT URGENT URGENT!

about television entertainment for cepa, plz give me something about that in english...thx^^

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    I am not quite understood your question,but I have found some information about that. Hope it can help you.

    FILMART 2007 Seminar Series

    Hong Kong Turns on the Mainland’s TV Industry

    With more than one billion pairs of eyes, the Chinese mainland’s long-stagnant TV market is now the most coveted in the world. Mainland state television has been overhauled in the past decade, with new terrestrial and satellite channels, as well as licences for Hong Kong broadcasters. Reform is expected to accelerate as the nation goes digital.

    At the March 20 opening forum for TV World, part of FILMART 2007, more than a dozen leading lights from the Hong Kong and mainland television industries gathered to discuss the future of broadcasting. Topics ranged from the crossover development of Chinese and foreign TV programming to the transformation of digital broadcasting.

    One Billion Viewers

    China now counts 202 TV stations and 1,944 broadcasting and production firms. It also produces about 10,000 TV shows a year, according to Cao Yin, Deputy Director-General of the International Cooperation Department at the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT). “With one billion people, we have a lot of potential to grow,” Mr Cao told the forum.

    “This is the digital age. We have a lot of resources and new technology,” agreed Dr Ma Run Sheng, Assistant to the President of the China International Television Corporation. “Our networks are carried in more than 100 countries around the world. We’re trying to achieve our dream where we export to the world,” he said.

    Since CEPA’s implementation, 159 Hong Kong-made TV series and 552 films have been shown in the mainland, while more than 400 Hong Kongese participate each year in the mainland’s TV industry, according to Mr Cao.

    More information:http://eexpohk.tdctrade.com/release2007_04.htm

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