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我想要英詩`the water carrier by john montague ...10分.....

好緊要呀.!! 我要用.! 如果有嘅話..可以俾我嗎?


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    The Water Carrier

    Twice daily I carried water from the spring,

    Morning before leaving for school, and evening;

    Balanced as a fulcrum between two buckets.

    A bramble rough path ran the river

    Where one stepped carefully across slime-topped


    With corners abraded as bleakly white as bones.

    At the widening pool (for washing and cattle)

    Minute fish flickered as one dipped,

    Circling to fill, with rust-tinged water.

    The second or enamel bucket was for spring water

    Which, after racing through a rusty meadow,

    Came bubbling in a broken drain-pipe,

    Corroded wafer thin with rust.

    It ran so pure and cold, it fell

    Like menacles of ice on the wrists.

    One stood until the bucket brimmed

    Inhaling the musty smell of unpicked berries,

    That heavy greenness fostered by water.

    Recovering the scene, I had hoped to stylize it,

    Like the portrait of an Egyptian water-carrier:

    Yet halt, entranced by slight but memoried life.

    I sometimes come to take the water there,

    Not as return or refuge, but some pure thing

    Some living source, half-imagined and half real

    Pulses in the fictive water that I feel.

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