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高爾夫球頭是多樣大量的生產模式,過去都是以一種生產模式來生產所有的樣式,造成製程中隱藏著很多看不見不順暢,導致工作效率不彰。派翠網路(Petri Net)是一個圖形化的建構工具,使用簡單而且易於了解,有相當好的建構與系統分析能力,派翠網路檢構出的可達樹(Reachability tree)圖,對工作效率的分析很有幫助,更利用派翠網路建構出每種樣式的高爾夫球頭生產流程圖,藉由派翠網路的模擬可以很簡單找出製程中的各種不順暢,作為製成分析與改善的依據,並可得知每種工件的生產效率,消除過去一種生產模式適用所有樣式的生產弊病,可在生產製造系統執行之前先行建構出流程圖,進行事前的規劃與模擬分析,使生產條件達到的最佳狀況。



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    golf balls are the diverse massive productions pattern, before there were all productions and all styles by one kind of production pattern, that made the system regulation concealing some problems and not smoothly, causes the working inefficiency.

    Petri Net is a kind of the graphical construct tool, it's very easy to use and understand, and it has a good construct and system analysis ability. Petri Net can build Reachability Tree chart, it's good and helpful for analysis of the working efficiency. Further more, Petri Net may build the diverse gulf production flow chart. Using Petri Net's simulation can be easy to find out which part has problem, then becomes the procedure analysis and according to the analysis to improve it. Meanwhile it can get the production efficiecy from every department to change the defects which was before we're used only one kind of procedure to produce all different types. Now it builds construct flow chart first then plan and simulation analysis makes the production reach to the best condition then start to produce the products.

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    Recently, golf balls are produced in a diverse and massive production mode. Back in the days, they were all produced of a single production mode, which is prone to some hidden obstacles in its production precedures, which in turn heavily undermines the working efficiency.

    Petri Net is a kind of the graphical construct tool, it is very easy to use and understand, and it is reknown for its brilliance in construction and system analysis ability. Petri Net is capable of constructing Reachability Tree chart, it is helpful for the analysis of the working efficiency. Furthermore, Petri Net is able to create a variety of flow chart of the golf production. It is easy to use Petri Net's simulation to screen out the part of the system that has a problem, and use it as a basis to the undergo a thorough analysis to improve it. By doing so, we avoide the problem of one production mode fitting in all samples. Now, all you have to do is to construct a flow chart first and then do the simulation analysis to make the production at its very best.

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