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我想知道一些有關核武器的資料 (英文)二十點!

如題…我想要找一些有關核武器的資料 (要英文的)





若能連出所也提供給我的話,我會感激不盡的m(_ _)m

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    1. Nuclear weapons casue radiation that effects both people and environment which last for generations. Deformed babies will be born and the land may not grow things for years. People who were exposed to the ratiation will die a terrible death. They suffer from burns and their hairs start to fall out. Also, they no longer have the immunity to heal wounds; they start to "rot" from the inside.

    2. Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China are states that have nuclear weapons and are from the NPT. There are also other states that are known to have nuclear weapons such as India, Pakistan andNorth Korea.

    Nuclear weapons were symbols of military and national power.

    Countries like the United States and Russia (then the Soviet Union) developed Nuclear weapons so that one cannot invade the other. It is a means to protect one's country from invasion. Other reasons like to show off the ability of able to make a nuclear bomb is also true to some point in my opinion.

    3. Japan's military is restricted by Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan, which renounces Japan's right to declare war or use military force as a means of settling international disputes. Therefore, there is no need to develop nuclear weapons since they can't use it under there own law.




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