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英翻中..急 請幫我翻成較通順的語意 謝絕翻譯軟體 謝謝

請勿用翻譯軟體 拜託 謝謝

1. However, illustrates that these challenges can be met and ,when

handled well, the disciplines of validation make for better project


2. Looking at the performance of the recognition system, while there

have been a very small number of "no-reads" in the market place,

importantly there have been no ' misreads ', which is critical.

3. 請問 Eye muscle area 是什麼意思阿

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    1.然而,舉例說明,這些挑戰能被遇見和 ,當

    處理了得好, 確認的紀律有益於較好的計畫


    2.審查承認制度的表現, 當在那裡的時候

    已經是非常小數字 " 不 - 閱讀 " 在市場地方中,

    重要地已經沒有 ' 讀錯 ', 哪一個是重要的。



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