each new day 英文歌名

想知道 each new day 這首英文歌名的演唱者以及歌詞




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    小一 , 您好 ! 這首歌曲資料如下 ---------


    歌名 : Each New Day

    歌手 : Rose Melberg

    專輯 : Cast Away the Clouds

    發行日期 : 2006 / 4 / 25

    試聽 : http://cn.last.fm/music/Rose+Melberg/_/Each+New+Da...

    歌詞 :

    Truly, madly don't you know

    I hardly sleep anymore

    Again it's after four

    I go slight-ly crazy night-ly

    Thinking of how to win your love

    But the best I can do is dream of you

    If only sleep would come

    Then I could hold you near

    Until you disappear in the morning light

    At least you were mine for the night

    There's no other underneath my cover

    But thoughts of you keep me warm

    The whole night through

    And even if there really is no place

    Where dreams come true

    My heart is still with you

    But it's through star dust I imagine us

    If only sleep would find me

    I could hold you near

    Until you disappear when

    Each new day comes

    To take you away

    找到一個很棒的網頁有這張專輯和歌手的介紹 ----


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