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The aim of this study, which is part of the European

SIMTEST project, is to develop a testing method for

controllers by emulation that allows to validate the

controllers by the manufacturers and testing

laboratories with a reasonable effort. The method

should not be restricted to a small group of simulation

experts within the research community. The main

innovation consists in the clarification of the testing

procedure and in the development of a test environment

that is easy.

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    這研究的目地為歐洲模擬測試企劃的一部份就開發一個控制系統的測試讓製造商及檢驗實驗室有一合理的成效以模仿的方式使控制系統生效. 這實驗方式不應限制於一小部份的研究團體模擬專家. 這主要的革新在於說明實驗(測試)的程序及開發一個較容易的測試環境.

    Source(s): 常需幫臺灣教授做不同種類的翻譯!
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