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英翻中.. 急 請幫我翻譯這三小句英文 勿用翻譯軟體

請不要使用翻譯軟體 謝謝

1. Taking two hours off turn time can save anywhere from 35 to 60

parking spaces, depending on how busy the yard is.

2. The company is responsible for the Diprifusor(專有名詞) module as

a component that can be supplied to pump companies, for the

pharmacokinetic model and for the prescribing information.

3. The company needs to be clear that the additional stability challenge

of any ' smart" feature added to the packaging is fully understood


錄用者 馬上給點

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    1. 將輪替時間減少兩小時可以節省35至60格停車位, 視其使用狀況而定.

    2. 該公司須負責的有可供應給輸送公司的一個元素的Diprifusor模組, 其藥動學樣本 以及其開方資訊.

    3. 公司須清楚了解包裝過程中附加的任何 "高明" 功能的穩定性

    Diprifusor = (不清不楚, 只知與TCI藥劑學有關)

    pharmacokinetics (PK) = 藥品動力學


    The content of your question is Ambiguous! Please notify your sources or give full articles for better answers. (Maybe next time.)


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    幫你翻譯 is doing you a favor




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