Let Us Assume For The Moment That Hillary Was Arrested Due To Her Loss Of Scruples?

Would the police, while in the process of fingerprinting and taking the requisite mug shot, be surprised to find a tattoo on Hillary? Gangland ink that illustrates her allegiance to the human smuggling Snakeheads?

Take into account that Bill, Albert, and Hillary herself sold the sea-port at Long Beach to an entity that is basically a front for the People's Liberation Army of China back in the '90s. And when this fact is compounded with all the shady campaign contributions Hillary receives from dubious sources located in San Fran's China Town, would it then be a stretch to think Hillary's coffers are brimming with Triad generated funds?


A man by the name of Li-Kai-Shing, representing the Hutchinson Holding Company...sound familiar? It should since he and Bill had a nice deal brewing back in '96. The sharing of missile and military technology aside (which has been proven), Hutchinson Holding Company co-manages a terminal with Seattle-based SSA Marine at the port of Long Beach.

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    Where did you get that erroneous information?

    The port of Long Beach is owned and run by the city of Long Beach.

    Who owns the Port?

    Port lands are owned by the City of Long Beach in trust for the people of the State of California and cannot be sold to any private enterprises. In 1911, the California Legislature approved a Tidelands grant, giving the City of Long Beach the right to manage and develop the Harbor District for the sole purposes of commerce, navigation, fisheries and recreation.

    Who runs the Port?

    The Port of Long Beach is a public agency managed and operated by the City of Long Beach Harbor Department. The Port is governed by the Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners, whose five members are appointed by the mayor of Long Beach and confirmed by the City Council. The Board creates policies and appoints the Port Executive Director, the top official at the 350-employee Harbor Department.


    Could private companies purchase Port land?

    No. As a landlord port, the Port of Long Beach leases its facilities to private terminal operating companies, which are usually joint ventures between shipping companies and cargo-handling (stevedoring) firms. The Board of Harbor Commissioners has the authority to review any proposed assignment of terminal leases at the Port of Long Beach.

    Terminal operators contract with unionized longshore workers to operate the shipping terminals. Regardless of whether a terminal is operated by a foreign or domestic company, or a combination of both, the overwhelming majority of terminal workers are American citizens affiliated with the West Coast dockworkers union.

    Could the Port "outsource" security to private companies?

    No. Security at the Port of Long Beach is the multi-jurisdictional responsibility of many government agencies, including the U.S. Coast Guard, Customs & Border Protection, federal and state Homeland Security offices, Long Beach Police Department and the Port Harbor Patrol, which have the authority to access all facilities and cargo at the Port. In addition, all terminals must comply with the Federal Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002.

    Ensuring the safety and security of our customers, tenants, visitors, employees and the community at large has always been a top priority at the Port of Long Beach. Since September 11, 2001, however, security has become a paramount concern, and the Port and other government security agencies have significantly increased security in and around the Long Beach Harbor. For more information on Port security, click here.

    From The Standard March 16, 2006:

    In the end, China Ocean Shipping Co's plan to build a cargo container terminal at the former Long Beach Naval Station was killed by Congress as too risky. But the company, also known as COSCO, didn't go away. The Beijing- based company quietly became one of the biggest terminal operators in a port and an industry where nearly all the players are foreign-owned.....

    Last month, a bipartisan firestorm erupted in Congress when lawmakers learned that the Bush administration had found no reason to keep Dubai Ports World, which is controlled by one of the United Arab Emirates' seven city- states, from buying London-based Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation. Legislation has been proposed to block the transfer of, or to prevent foreign corporations from controlling, facilities deemed crucial to US national security....

    Both parties have done shady things regarding our ports.

    Source(s): Long Beach resident and I used to work for Maersk/Sealand and Hyundai Merchant Marine. They are steampship companies that operate in the port of LB or the port of LA. http://www.polb.com/about/faqs.asp#458
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    Hillary arrested damn I get off just thinking about that.

    The police might be surprised but I wouldn't.

    As far back as you can go you will find a Chinese connection to Slick Willie and these 2 more than most have showed that they will do absolutely anything for POWER.

    Do you realize that while he was in office Slick was letting the Chinese get their hands on military hardware, not cannons but motherboards and such.

    That's not to mention that people that might actually be able to testify against these 2 have a tendency to end up dead.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hillary might be the mother in the classic "Manchurian Candidate" - scary thought. Don't show Bill the Queen of Diamonds, he might go apey and actually start acting like a human being.

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    This is really good! I bet you won't find them talking about this one anytime soon on CNN!

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    No, let's not.

    Jeez you guys are stretching.

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