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Israel, opinions?

What do you think of Israel? do you think the USA is bias towards Israel?

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    Israel is the only democracy in the middle east. If there is a bias towards Israel here, it is mostly because Arabs have an irritating habit of wanting to wipe them off the map.

    And there is no such thing as a "Palestinian." That term is a contrivance coined by the Arabs after Israel opened up a can of whoop-*** on them, not once, but three times.

    Have you ever heard of a Jewish suicide bomber? I haven't either.

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    YES... The USA is "biased" towards Israel... and WHY NOT??? Israel is a democracy like the USA, it has similar values, mores, and characterists as the USA. We've also fought and died ... shed a LOT of American blood... for the sake of Israel and it's establishment. We have a "vested interest" in seeing that it survives and thrives.

    Have a right-wing day.

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    Haha. "They have bad politics"?

    Really? That's your beef with Israel?

    Bad politics = good common sense

    And if we're biased, its because we're running out of friends and we've recognized a country who is on our side.

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    Yes, with good reason. They are one of the few democracies in the region and actual allies of the US with some of the most prosperous communities of Arabs as well.

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    ja ich tun

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    they have bad politics, constantly ignore the UN

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