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In Ohio Leaving 3 kids, all <4, alone with a 17 year old bsitter, while working midnights, child endangering

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    I'm a paralegal from Northwest Ohio... Nope... it wouldn't be child endangerment.... As the other posters have said, "Legal" Babysitting age starts much before you are 17... In most cases it is done on a case by case bases because the cercumstances can change the definition of endangerment.... If you leave the children with a 17 yr old with a criminal record and you leave them for an extended period of time (over 8 hours) things are a lot different, then if you leave a 17 yr old scholastic student incharge of three very sleeping children. In this case the endangerment would just be an issue if there was smoking, partying, a fire, etc.

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    I live in columbus, ohio :) if u want me to babysit, im 20 years old lol, but she should be good enough, i started babysitting my brothers little kids when i was 11, but good luck and always ask ur kids whats going on (especially if she has a boyfriend and stuff) and beware of all things just incase :)

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    no it isn't endangering because a child who is 12 can legally babysit so while it might be dangerous if the family doesn't really know the 17 year old it isn't illegal.

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    nope. it figures in ohio. i live in ohio and i had to leave work one time when my kids had a problem with the neighbor and the police were called. at the time, by 17 year old was in charge of watching her 12 and 4 year old sisters. the cop told me he was going to charge me with abandonment!!! wtf!! my work was ten minutes away his threat was bogus! i actually laughed at him!!!

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