How do I stop my 10 year old from picking her scabs ?

My daughter had a few pimples on her forehead. She scratched them until they scabbed over and then she picked them . Next, she said a ball hit her in her head and took the scabs off and today, I find she picked them again. So she has has a forehead filled with scabs for over two months now. How do I get her to stop ? She says it itches , which is why she is picking it. I am worried it will scar. Any helpful suggestiosn would be greatly appreciated.

Just so you know, I saw it again tonite and cust but antibotic ointment on them and covered them all in bandaids..Sounds cruel but I think if she wears the bandaids, she won't scratch scabs again and they can finally heal.

Help !

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    I'm an adult,& I also have difficuly leaving scabs alone,so I sympathize with your child.Bandaids & neosporin are great.The neosporin keeps the scabs moist & less desireable for picking.LOL

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    Wow! Pimples at 10. Unbelievable!

    Kids mimic what they see their peers and parents do.

    My son turned out great, whereas my sisters kids both pick their scabs and noses because that is what their parents do. Nervous reactions can be to pick. If the pimples itch, which they could...there are ointments out to get rid of the ichies.

    Sounds like she may be getting the zits from touching her face a lot.

    Most people that do touch their faces frequently are the ones who break out the most.

    Those that don't touch their faces except to wash them, don't really have acne all that often.

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    Find pics on line of someone with pitted acne scars on their face and show her what she'll end up looking like! Good job with the oint and bandaids. I'm sure it does itch but it sounds like she has a scab picking obsession too. Break that habit now while she's young!

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    Explain your concern to her right down to a scar looking a lot worst than a scab.

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    Show her pictures of what scars from Acne look like on a website, make her realize what she's doing is wrong. Embarassing her infront of the entire world with bandaids is only going to make her hate the scabs more and make her want to pick them more to make them go away.

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    Its something she will probably never grow out of no matter what you do to her. I am 19 and I still pick at my scabs on my face. Sorry I couldn't help!!

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    you order her strictly to not to do this, in case you want to use any medecine for this case, so you can use itchguard, lorate. these will finish the scrabs. secondly you can also apply ointment, and a commonly used face cream Fair and lovely anti-mask. it could be the better decision because i also had these scabs but i applied it and within weeks they vanished

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    I think it is the age, my fiance's 12 yr old does the same thing, she picks and picks, we have tried to stop her but it is a facisnation she has or something.

  • As scabs/wounds heal, they will itch. Try Neosporin ointment or comparable to alleviate scarring. I don't think bandaids will stop her from scratching. Please be patient with her.

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    google image search "acne" and show her pictures of adult acne scars and tell her it's her SKIN, she only gets one chance, and perminent means FOR EVER. Find the ugliest scarriest scared up faces you can find. Worked like a charm for my 5 year old. You can exchange one scar for another. ;-)

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