How to use print screen to capture only a part of the screen?

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I know how to use print screen to make a screen shot of one window or the hole screen, but I only want part of it can I do this? if not how can I make a picture of the hole thing and more
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Once you paste the picture onto the PowerPoint or some other program, select it. A tool bar should appear, search for the crop tool. Then you can crop off the edges of the screen shot by dragging the sides of the picture towards the center.

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I had to do the opsite of that but you had the right idea. then I hit slide show and took a screen print of the slide that got me what I wanted.
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  • chezzrob answered 7 years ago
    some info for you from my notes:

    Making a Tutorial
    Ok i use screen print a lot to make tutorials in word documents for my own reference.

    If you want the whole screen press screen print key. (located above the INSERT key).

    If you only want a picture of a popup window hold the Alt key and press screen print.

    To dump them in your word doc, click the curser into the word doc.

    Press [cntrl V] keys (which is paste) and it pastes in .

    Hilite the pic so you can shrink the pic on the diagonal to fit a better size.

    In word select the toolbar "picture" On this tool bar is the crop menu so you can crop out unwanted parts.
    Remember to always adjust the pic only on the diagonal to keep it in proportion. If you stuff up paste it again.

    Adjust the size of the pic so you can type text down one side.

    While the pic is hilited, Right click the pic and select -format
    In the layout tab, select - square (this allows text down the side)
    and select the bullet "right" to locate the pic.

    In the size tab, take note of the height. (Write it down)

    On repeat dumping of the more pics, just hilite and format them to the same height and they will all look the same in the doc. (No need to do diagonal shrinking)

    Note if you move a pic, even just a little, you have to set that "right" bullet again. This will ensure all the pics are lined up.

    After a while you get quick at it.
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  • centsless answered 7 years ago
    Print screen captures the whole screen or active window on the screen.

    If you want to save only part of it, you have to edit (crop) the screenshot picture using what ever photo editing software you have.

    In PhotoShop for instance, you just open the picture file, and "crop" the portion you want to save.

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  • hello answered 7 years ago
    You would do Print Screen, and then paste the result into a picture-editor like Paint. Then just crop out the part you want.
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  • nick answered 7 years ago
    take the picture then past it in ms powerpoint and select the crop option off the drawing toolbar and it lets you change the size
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  • zircon answered 7 years ago
    you can try
    a freeware screen capture utility I use it all the time it has a
    select option that allows you to save what parts you want
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