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    First off, the polio vaccine hypothesis tries to explain how the virus jumped species and then became widespread in humans, not how the virus originated.

    Given that the virus spreads easily blood to blood or sexually I don't see the need to hypothesise a more convoluted route (Occam's razor). An initial direct blood to blood spread from chimps to humans (for example during hunting) is far more plausible than a model in which chimp blood contaminates a chimp kidney cell line which contaminates an oral vaccine which somehow orally infects humans. Each step of this model is inconsistent with what we know about the replicating and infective behaviour of HIV. There are much easier and more probable ways for the virus to effect the species jump.

    There are other major gaps in the polio vaccine hypothesis, the main one being that HIV cannot be cultured in kidney cell lines (unlike SV-40). Testing of stored samples of the cell line failed to identify HIV contamination.

    Furthermore, the strains of SIV endemic to the Kisangani chimpanzees are quite distinct from those which gave rise to all modern strains of HIV.

    It was an interesting hypothesis, but the evidence doesn't back it. In any case, it doesn't seek to explain the origin of HIV, but how it might have spread in the early days of the virus. It's an explanation in search of a problem, and an explanation that doesn't fit with the evidence.

    Ideal fodder for conspiracy theorists.

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    Scientists traced the origin of HIV/AIDS from a population of monkeys that served as a food source for a population (tribe) of people located in Africa, and then through the travels of other people to that geographic region (who associated with persons belonging to that tribe) and then the travels of those men to other parts of the world, where the virus population exploded.

    I can't believe people are fabricating stories. But, I guess it's the nature of the human race that some people will always make things up, and others will always be gullible enough to believe anything they hear (or read.)

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    There are several theories about this question, but it is common for the transmission of animal diseases to human (zootic) in the African areas where HIV was apparently first contracted by the first human. Ebola is the same--probably came from zootic sources. With the heavy rainforests in countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and the like, diseases proliferate very quickly as there is virtually no cold season.

    Epidemiological studies have now identified that persons from central Africa probably took the HIV virus to Haiti, and from there is probably came to the US; there are also indications that homosexual men brought it independently.

    HIV/AIDS is NOT an illness of gay men and intravenous drug users. It is an opportunistic viral infection -- in the US, it is gay men and drug users who offer the highest opportunity for infection. It has now moved more into the sex partners of those high-risk groups such as females infected by male partners.

    There are conflicting theories about how AIDS is contracted, but for now the primary view is the it is caused by the HIV virus, just as the rhinovirus causes head colds.

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    I seen something like that on HBO on how they used African People to test a experimental polio vaccine from the blood of Chimps. but i don't know, if is true. But if it is that's just more bull black folk have because of white folks. no disrespect

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    It bull. AIDS started as and still is primarily a homosexual and druggie disease.

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