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useless informantion about Australia?

useless facts and information only about australia and its people

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    Australia has a general election every three years and voting is compulsory.

    In the weeks following Steve Irwin's death, at least ten stingrays were found dead and mutilated, with their tails cut off, on the beaches of Queensland, prompting speculation that they had been killed by fans of Irwin as an act of revenge.

    Kangaroo meat is high in protein and low in fat. Although they have a similar diet to cattle, kangaroos produce virtually no methane.

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    i'm American and don't think of that.I lived in Victoria and South Australia.ozbecame extra useful,extra stepped forward, and extra sane than usa in quite some respects.probable quite some it has to do with media and tv;Crocodile Dundee,Steve Irwin.Steve Irwin became great,besides the fact that if,maximum media figures are kinda cartoonish and one dimensional.a pal from Adelaide defined how Aussies have been given maximum of their suggestions approximately human beings from television and action pictures.i think that is going the two techniques.i could challenge any American,or certainly any nationality,who's been there be responsive to's extra useful.human beings like Cate Blanchett,that previous punk band The Saints, and the previous due Graham Kennedy talk for themselves.

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