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is this a awesome fantasy basketball team??

ok so i just got done with the offline draft and here is who i got in order from when i drafted them.

Gilbert Arenas

T.J. Ford

Vince Carter

Jason Terry

Richard Hamilton

Paul Pierce

Michael Finley

Hakim Warrick

Shelden Williams

Troy Murphy

Al Harrington

Chris Wilcox

Larry Hughes

Charlie Bell

Jamaal Tinsley

Antonio McDyess

Udonis Haslem

James Psoey

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    I'm sorry but thats not such a great roster. You are overloaded with guards and have no stable big men. If I were you I would attempt to trade some of your guards for a quality big man.

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    Its ok but there is honestly no way this is the order. Pierce in the 6th round?? You are probably playing with some serious retards. Get rid of a few guys like bell and posey and pick up guys like Gibson from Cleveland or Mason from Milwaukee.

  • it depends what kind of league ur in but overall it's a very good team

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    Yes, it is awesome. If you are attracted to the same sex as yourself.

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