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what is the summary of Malcolm X's speech "Ballot or the Bullet"?

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    How Blacks should fight for civil-rights in America. He emphasizes the importance of voting as a solution to ending discrimination against Blacks. He addresses both the poor voting decisions and also the denial of legitimate voting rights to Blacks. Because elections had been so narrowly decided in recent elections, the Black vote is the deciding factor in elections. When candidates promise to pass favorable legislation, Blacks must hold them accountable in elections. Whites also have prevented Blacks in the electoral process. In the North, white politicians have gerrymandered the voting lines when Blacks are a majority in a voting district to prevent Blacks from being elected. In the South, Blacks are outright denied voting privileges. Malcolm X says that either "the ballot or the bullet" will come next in the civil rights struggle. This means that government must allow Blacks to legitimately vote or else violence will be their means to influence government. A second solution to the civil rights struggle is to change the discrimination of Blacks from a civil rights issue to a human rights issue. This would allow Blacks to take their case to the United Nations. The UN has a committee which deals with human rights and Blacks could also address the general assembly. Currently dealing with discrimination as a civil rights issue makes it an American problem which America should solve. By changing this to a human rights issue, the world can support the advancement of Blacks in America instead of change having to come domestically.

    Malcom Xs argues for these solutions from a Black Nationalist prospective. Black Nationalism, also known as black separatism, is a political and social movement which seeks to acquire economic power and create a sense of community among Blacks. Black Nationalism is anti-assimilation, meaning that it is not their goal to fully integrate into white American society; Blacks should own their own businesses and have their own politicians in their communities. I feel that in this speech Malcolm X advocates liberal ideas. Because government is a contract with the people and the purpose of government is to secure everyones individual rights, people have the right to rebel if the government violates the contract.

    Is that of any help or is it still too long?

    Or in a nutshell

    "Since Blacks were denied their civil liberties, either the ballot or the bullet is next. Blacks will either get their rights or they will rebel against government."

    Good luck

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    The Ballot Or The Bullet

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    what is the summary of Malcolm X's speech "Ballot or the Bullet"?

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    "If one does not exercise one's right to vote, one may as well drive an El Dorado, roll Camel cigarettes in their sleeves, and yes, wear a mullet." Malcolm was cool; his voice spoke things that were difficult for white America to accept, both for their honest directness, and power of eloquence. Racism was(and is) no match for truth and vision, and Malcolm's voice has not been silenced; it still has the power to move today, and still says those things America, and the world, needs to hear.

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    Wouldn't that be Malachi X of Alabama's speech?

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    In a nutshell, and in plain language: it asks the readers/audience what is the better method to get noticed and to get your point across? By using bullets (that is, by using violence) or by using ballots (that is, by using the democratic means available to them).

    This is, obviously, a rhetoric question, where the answer lies within the question itself.

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    google it buddy

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