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How much faith do you put in science or religion?

I put no faith in science, or religion. For one thing, science changes all the time. 200 years ago, people believed in all sorts of things in the scientific department that today, we consider outrageous and untrue. And it's also a sure thing that in the near future, scientists will discover things that completely contradict the facts we know about science today. That's just the story, it happened, it continues to happen, and will happen. Religion is no different. Basically, how I percieve religion is that no one knows. You're either right or wrong, but no will know until they die.

I think the smartest thing to put faith into is yourself, and what you are capable of doing, because only you know your trueself. Anyhow, this is my worldview, and it makes the most sense to me.

What do you think?


Link, shut up. Magley, correct, I would never see a doctor, because I don't believe in the American Medical Community as having a "moral" background. But nonetheless, I would have to do something about my illness, it just wouldn't reflect going to the doctor's.

Update 2:

Okay most of you are quite intelligent this morning. You CAN have faith in science, since science isn't always right OR wrong. If you have faith in science, then you believe the things scientists say. It's that simple. If you believe in evolution, you have faith in science.

It's not rocket science.

Update 3:

Oh, so you think if I have Leukemia, I can go to a doctor and the doctor will magically do something for me to stop the Leukemia? Are you serious? You people treat doctors like gods...the fact is, they cannot cure all diseases. They are not the miracle drug, so it's time to look somewhere else. If you don't want to look somewhere else, put all your faith in medical science and see what happens. I'm going to try to explore other areas, just like Louis Pasteur did when trying to find a vaccinne for rabies.

Update 4:

Thank you Sancha, I think you're the only one here who is capable of using their brain to answer my question.

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    You get Leukemia and you will see a doctor if you have a brain in your head.

    I did not say anything about a cure did I?

    Without the help of a doctor you will die from leukemia. End of story. It can be put into remission with treatment.

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    really depends on in what aspect you are talking.

    science developed the car, energy etc

    all the creature comforts that so many people have come to rely upon today.

    on one side Science is conceived as a method to test theories to the best of our ability to expand knowledge, the fact that it may be superceeded by other theories is just a fact really. as for putting your "faith in science" technically you do that every time you get in a car, or use a computer etc.

    Religion on the other hand, is based purely on faith rather than imperical evidence. Unfortunatley this point is usually argued in length that objects like the bible are that imperical evidence.

    As for putting your faith in a religion, part of it will depend on which religion you choose to put your faith in. The idea being generally that you will either hit a major payoff when you die and go to "heaven" or you'll have screwed up and end up living in "hell".

    Putting your faith into religion at the end of the day is a personal choice that you should never feel pressured into.

    personally, I think all the religions have it wrong today in one way or another, mainly because if there were one simple answer then there would be one religion.

    as for science as I said above you kind of put your faith in it anyway, and without it I think we'd hit a bit of a roadblock on advancement.

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    You wouldn't have know how you were born to this world if not for science and without faith you would have missed knowing the purpose of your very existence.

    In finding one trueself is to think lesser of oneself and start the journey into discovering our world with a curious mind and thankful heart.

    God Bless

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    If you're trying to put faith into science you really should learn what science is. It's not meant to be a religion. Never was, never will be. You're expecting certainty from something that makes no promises. Find yourself a religion.

    As for religion, well, that's your decision.

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    Like you, I do not put faith in science or religion for similar reasons. But, I do have faith in God.

    Actually, everyday I find out new aspects of my true self also, so I cannot put absolute faith in me either.

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    I put faith in you too. All hail the cowardly Yellow Knight!

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    okay, so you wouldn't see a doctor if you are sick, cause obviously what he does to cure you is just going to kill you in 200 years...right?

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    You put faith in fairy tales dear. Science you study (if you can...)

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    I think you must get let down a lot.

    I don't put any faith in science.

    I put all my faith in God.

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    I think therefore I am.

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