What happened to Freedom of Religion in our beloved US?

A town in Illinois is in an uproar over a Wiccan School that opened recently. They want it gone. Now, I ask you, is that fair? You don't see Wiccans raising an uproar over Catholic Schools or bible study groups.

Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't the country founded on "Freedom of Religion?" Why do people think that they can push others around just because their belief system is different?

I refuse to put down other religions because they don't believe as I do. Cannot they give us the same respect? What makes one religion more significant that another? Does not the bible speak of tolerance? I am confused.

We are a peaceful, nature-based religion that has nothing to do with satanism or the devil or evil. People are generally afraid of things they don't understand. I beg you, do a websearch and see if you aren't aware. We truly mean no harm to anyone.

Thank you for taking the time to answer respectfully. Enjoy your day!


I am sorry I don't have a link on it, but it was on Fox News about 20 minutes ago. I did a search and no articles have made the net yet, other than the website for the school. Not that I can find anyway.

Update 2:

For those who didn't realize, I am Wiccan/Pagan, don't let the outfit fool you, its Halloween. And please don't be offended, people dress up as witches as well, albeit no very flattering ones.

Update 3:

BABO: I am fully aware that spells aren't used to affect the free will of others. True Wiccans do not "cast spells" on others. Another myth I blame on movies and TV. They have demonized us and continue to do so.

Update 4:

JUSTIN: Many just won't come to terms with the fact that Paganism has been around a lot longer that Christianity and Wicca is another form of it.

Update 5:

LIV: I merely used a Catholic school as an example, not a target, if you noticed, I also used bible study groups as well. I didn't want have to name each individual religion. But they all have their groups.

Update 6:

Princess: I am not saying you can't have your schools. I am just saying that all should be able to have their place in society just like everyone else. I am saying that it is unfair to deny one what the others already have. I didn't intend for this question to cause problems, merely to ask whey can't the "equality" blanket cover everyone.

Update 7:


Update 8:

Please excuse the typos, I am doing a million things at once. No matter what religion you follow, or what your beliefs are, I wish you all a wonderful day!

Update 9:

SIDENOTE: For those of you who think Wicca/Paganism is some form of cult, it it a RECOGNIZED religion in the US (not to mention other countries).

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    Amen, Preach it Sister!!!!! This country has been terribly dumbed down by the religious right that would have us believe such idiotic religious nonsense as Christianity. It is big business, and they use FEAR to make sure they keep their flock in line and paying their tithes. They demonize EVERYTHING that isn't part of them. They promote ignorance, narrow-mindedness, judgmentalism and condemnation, and oppression, and they are a terrorist group not so much different from the Taliban.

    I was a Christian for 40 years so I have lots of hindsight, folks!!

    THINK FOR YOURSELF AND DON'T BELIEVE ALL THE B.S. THAT ANY CHURCH PREACHES TO YOU! Do NOT fear to ask and find other answers to all those little niggling questions or doubts you may have been squishing down all the time. Religion is evil! A true God would have nothing to do with any one religion, and only the best from all of them -- PEACE, LOVE, LIFE -- would he accept as worship. That's right... If God is so all-powerful, he does NOT need your prayers or songs or preachers or tithes or ANYTHING! ALL HE WANTS from everybody is that we TAKE CARE of everyone around us no matter who they are, spend our lives making life happier and easier for all we can. That is true purity and virtue -- HOW WE TREAT EACH OTHER!

    Source(s): Happy Hallowe'en, Samhain, birthday, whatever... Happy happy LIFE!
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    I am a Christian and if you want to have a school for Wiccans, go right ahead, just don't tell me I can't have a Christian school for my kids or that I can't celebrate the holidays the way that I want to, if I want to say Merry Christmas, I will. And, no, tolerance is not taught in the Bible, God is merciful to us, not tolerant of our sin. And, yes, Freedom of Religion does mean that you are free to practice the religion of your choice. I do not know why your school is not wanted in your area. In the area where I live there is a whole town dedicated to your religion, and most people who practice it live there. Maybe you can start your own town.

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  • That whole "MY God is better than YOUR God" mentality is precisely why I'm glad I wasn't raised [e.g. indoctrinated] in any one organized religion. I can't begin to imagine why anyone would be so thin-skinned that they couldn't tolerate the thought of other people having different beliefs.

    I looked at what various theosophies offered, and settled on a cross between Judeo-Christian and Buddhist influences.

    It's odd that some people will ignore others completely most of the time, then suddenly get their knickers in a twist over something that someone else is doing that isn't hurting anyone. [It's just like straight people foaming at the mouth about what they imagine I'm doing in my bedroom -- why are they obsessing on such matters?]

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would support a Wiccan school, as we already have school funded by many other religious and spiritual organizations. Why aren't Christians having a fit over the Edgar Casey Institute? Wiccans and witched have long been villainized by Christianity, yet fundies will go to have their fortunes read...

    Wiccans are such a harmless and positive form of spirituality, I can't understand why people act they way they do. Lack of education, I guess.

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  • Yaakov
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    1 decade ago

    I might disagree with you on the definition of "evil" or "nature-based," but I agree with you about the eroding of freedom in our country. Freedom of religion is going the same way as freedom of speech, association, movement, etc. The Wars on Drugs, Poverty, this and that and every other pet boogie man have been the excuse of politicians to steal your power to make your own choices, to live your own life. If you want that to change, you have to do something different. If you still believe voting does any good, I encourage you to vote for Ron Paul. He might not agree with your choice of religion, but he won't interfere with your right to pursue it. -yk

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  • 1 decade ago

    There is no Freedom of Religion or Speech. It is dead. may it rest in peace.

    Watch the thumbs down after I tell you how no one has freedom of religion any more. it is only a facade. Do you think Catholic have freedom of religion! look it up you might be surprise. How many pick pick pick at the Christians. Mostly Catholic. We don't mean anyone harm. Yet, we are guilty by association of what some do.

    To be fair. Even your question targeted the Catholic, even though the Catholic had NOTHING to do with it. Did you know that!

    Did You know what one of those evil Christians came up ans said about the Wicca.

    Here are some Quote:

    Methodist pastor Keith Michaels: 'Leave 'em alone,' Michaels said. 'They have a right to be here. Do I agree with them? No. But as a Vietnam veteran, I fought for the freedoms that we enjoy in this country.'

    Robert Burka: "The Wiccan are not dangerous"

    "when Robert Kurka, the featured speaker, stepped to the lectern, an unexpected thing happened. Instead of leading a pep rally against the witches, the professor at Lincoln Christian College and Seminary delivered an academic lecture comparing Wicca and Christianity."

    Catholic School!!! They didn't do anything and still they are in the forefront of ridicule and attacks.

    That happened in a small farming town.

    Some Christians protested over the school, and Some Christians are the Some who came out and calmed them down and defended the school.

    Look at all side of the picture, not just the one side of it.


    Yes, I know you used them as an example, even though they had nothing to do with it. That was a small farming town. The same people who objected, are the same people who came out and defend their right to have their school.

    Something to think about. If there is no freedom of religion! Do you think that article would have come out! or would it have been covered under the carpet!

    Freedom has limitation to all of us, not just you.

    Did you know there use to be bells on top of Churchs! many are gone. Ever wonder why! does that mean they have a freedom of religion! nope.

    Do you think you can open a school in the ME or even talk about your faith! No, to both.

    May You have peace and be Happy no matter what your faith.

    Source(s): I did the search.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am right there with you. Though I am not Wiccan, I do believe in the freedom of religion! As long as your personal beliefs do not harm another person or take away from their personal freedoms have at it! (which I know Wiccan does not harm anyone)

    So I don't see a problem with this besides people being small minded and listening to their gossipy little friends at Church who had someone who told them from their friend's uncle, who's best friend's ex-wife was Wiccan and that she was a witch! lol... people need to stop jumping to conclusions, ask questions, listen and then decide if this is right for their community!

    I guarantee if these people in an uproar just sat down with the people wanting to open the school they would breath a heavy sigh of relief and gladly welcome them into the community!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Typical of the catholics..

    Most xians are just hateful blind fools, to be honest. Although i am not Wicca, i am actually a Satanist, i'm fully in support of this school and i hope the catholics can get a taste of their own medicine one day. They don't care about "loving thy neighbour" or anything like that, all catholics want is control of the world, and it makes me sick.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sorry if you really think is country was founded on freedom of religion. It wasn't, it was founded on cheap, Christian men who didn't want a government looking down their back. Its up to us to really make it a country of religious freedom.

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  • 1 decade ago

    They are only tolerant of socially acceptable religions. Any religion that they consider 'fringe' - or even slightly out of the norm - is looked upon as a cult. They dont realize that the exact way they view Wicca is how many agnostics and atheists view Christianity - as a wierd, ritualistic cult.

    Its interesting that secular Americans seem much more tolerant of non-standard religions.

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