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What is a home remedy for razor burn on the bikini area?

I sometimes get bad razor burn there when i shave and i dont know how to prevent it...Please help!!

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    Hello Jennifer,

    Well,i own a pool and spent a lot of time in a bathingsuit.

    I do shave but make sure you use good quality shaver!

    Got totally rid of mine years ago by putting a cold wash cloth afterwards against the skin to close the pores and always put Polysporin to it afterwards.

    Not the cream kind ,the kind that looks more like Vaseline .

    Has worked for me and fellow outdoors friends.

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    My suggestion would be to wax! A lot less work and when you add up the pain of razor burn every other day a wax every other week is less painful..

    Or maybe try a sensitive saving foam?

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    Use products for the bikini area. Regular commercial stuff doesn't work well. Conditioner is better but it may not work for your skin. You may want to consider waxing. It's more painful but lasts longer without problems.

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    10 mins of pain its over

    razor burn is the pain that just keeps on giving ooouuchhh

    all the best


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    This sounds really weird but it works. As soon as you finish shaving put some stick deodorant on the shaved skin.

    It has to be stick deodorant like this or it won't work.

    Hope that helps.

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