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how do you ACTUALLY perform sweet chin music?

i want to know what you have to do to your body (ie movments)

as i looks such a cool move


as IT looks cool

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    three stomps on the floor,then you perform a high side kick aiming at your opponents jaw(if you want you can aim at your opponents eyes,noes etc.)and then you kind of snap it so that it looks better than the original high side kick .


    1.STRETCH.You will need some flexibility or not only will the kick be no-efficient but you can harm yourself to

    2.AIM WELL.Basically this is just a high side kick but high side kicks require that you aim well or you mite make a mistake and one of two thing can happen(or both):

    1.You might injure yourself a little.

    2.Since you missed your opponent can use this as the perfect opportunity(i know that you dont intend to fight anyone but you never know if you must defend yourself).

    Now before you can perform sweet chin music you must know how to to the original technique,high side kick.Here's a link:

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  • 4 years ago

    How To Sweet Chin Music

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    THIS IS THE REAL TUTORIAL by HBK from one of his interview!

    Interviewer: So we talked about everything now lets talk about your signature move called the Sweet Chin Music. How do you perform it? Where did you learn it.

    HBK: Well I actually learned it from Vince

    McMahon. I asked him in the ending rocker days on what my signature move should be. He said can you kick high? I said yeah I can why? Vince said Maybe you can do a Superkick. And that's where I learned the sweet chin music but in the 1994's I modify it so I will actually hit the chin area and modify the name to be appropriate for my gimmick. Also the only thing you need to do is to first of course tune up the band then aim at the chin of the opponent with the boot not actually hitting the face. The opponent will slightly put his head up for proper aiming. Then there you have it.

  • Tyler
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    You kick straight up at their chin and slap your leg so it sounds like your kicking them but then they move their head slitly or they block it by putting their hands in the way.

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  • all u have to is wait for somebdy to turn around and not see it comin and kick them real hard in the chin

  • 1 decade ago

    just a high kick to the chin

  • 1 decade ago

    when you kick high up like HBK does, you have to slap the side of your leg REALLY hard to sound as if it's knocking someone's teeth out.

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    All it is, is a high kick the the chin.

  • 1 decade ago

    Its a basic martial art kick.

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