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Do short-haired dogs need something to keep them warmer in cold weather?

I have a miniature dachshund, and my husband says that my dog will need some sort of sweater when the weather gets colder because his natural coat is not enough to keep him warm. Is this true? He is an indoor dog, and he only goes outside when we go for a walk or when he needs to relieve himself. Thanks for your answers.

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  • Lovey
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    Especially if he's used to the indoor warmth, he'll need something to protect him when he goes out. There are also coats for dogs when it gets very cold. You may even see him WANT to put it on after he realizes what it does for him. Short hair isn't enough.

  • Susan
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    4 years ago

    If you live in a climate that is not his normal habitat (check your breed's background - jack russels can take some cold to go out and do their business, but not to live outside, they were bred to go to earth and dig, and that activity keeps them warm and no one digs in frozen ground, by then they are sitting or lying warm by the fire) (poodles also are not for the frozen areas) you'll need to help him stay comfortable. Most dogs love being warm when it's cold. So it goes to how you introduce the sweater. My first response was going to be it will keep him warmer and he might be annoyed. You need to get a sweater that is pliable and not scratchy and fits comfortably but is not too baggy nor too tight. Try just putting some tshirts on him at home to get him used to the feeling of clothing going over his head and onto his front legs. Take them off after a few seconds and keep extending the time while you hold the dog and pet him and even give a treat for letting it stay on him longer. Then when you get to the sweater it will be a tailored fit that will really work for him. Mostly he shouldn't mind with some help from you. It's not 'unnatural' except that they don't get to pick them out. We've been helping man's best friend face the elements comfortably for many centuries. By the way, if the dog is shivering when you take him out, he's cold. If it's a snowy climate, keep checking his pads and pull out snow clots before they become ice clots between the padding on his paws. Please go for comfort for your dog, not just what 'looks' good to you. You want to keep his chest warm and dry as well as his back, so a doggy turtleneck can work for him. Enjoy!

  • Anonymous
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    I would definately invest in a sweater or two. Their type of coat isn't suited to protect them from the elements. Dachsunds weren't really bred to withstand cold for long periods of time, like say a spitz type dog is with their double coat is. And if he is used to being in the warm house, even if he's not freezing the sudden temperature change could affect him. If he were conditioned to the cold, he might be fine, but otherwise having something to keep him cozy won't hurt him, right?

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    I would say that you should go ahead and get the coat. Not only is your dog short haired but he's also short legged and long bodied. If you get snow where you're located he'll be literally hip deep in it while he's out to potty.

    My own doxie gets colder so much faster than any other smaller dog I've ever had because her little tummy is all but naked and right next to the snow covered ground.

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    I'd judge it by your dog. It's pretty obvious to me when my dogs are cold, and I don't even live in that cold of a climate.

    I'll see one or more of these signs when they're cold:


    Teeth chattering

    Curling up in a tight ball, often with the nose tucked in somewhere

    Cold nose

    More eager to cover up or come under the covers

    Probably, though. If your Dachsie is only a house dog, I'd think so. I dogsat some Dachshunds who needed their blankie in their crate to keep warm every night.

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    Well it depends on the size of your dog. Larger dogs dont get cold as easily as the smaller ones. And also, it depends how cold we're talking.

    If its near freezing, you should get a coat for the dog, if its only 20 celcius, he should be ok.

    And short haired dogs do tend to get cold easily, especially smaller ones such as italian greyhounds and chihuahuas. And if its going to be raining, its best to give him a water proof coat as water in cold weather can spell disaster.

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    If you live somewhere that it gets very cold then you should consider getting him a jacket for his walks, especially if he likes to talk long ones. Dogs may have fur but that doesn't necessarily mean they tolerate the cold any better than you or I.

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    Of course they do. You should get your dog a cute sweater for this winter. Your husband is totally right.

  • 1 decade ago

    I guess animal with short or longer hair only have feeling for cold or heat at their nostril only so really not problem to keep to cloth them or warmth!

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, Go to and search for affordable sweaters and jackets for puppys.

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