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中文翻成英文!很急(20點) 可以不要用翻易字典麼 感謝





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    I was born in a family not very rich, parents are all the common people abiding by the law, so, parents should " do solid work to give us an idea in every days " while as a child, and this my attitude of person who influences idea, under parents' instruction, I believe only hard , serious, it is the initial approach to become a Buddhist believer succeeding. Parents disciplining to us is quite strict , attach great importance to our education too, individual character of the positive , hot view that so has trained my independence and the initiative , sought to do others down.

    It is the era that the information advances by leaps and bounds now, the material has new break-through with the changes of the times too, so there should be habit of self- study all the life, and there are good international views, will not be eliminated by the world. So I am not supervising oneself to absorb and study when not having, substantiate oneself , train self- ability . And it is exactly the goal that I pursue at present to study in the research institute, I hope to have an opportunity to meet to this goal, can march towards the goal of the research institute . I will continue studying hard in many in the following 1 years, will make the theory combine with practice, train oneself to become an outstanding professional knowledge talent.

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    你不是贈20 怎只有15???

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