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Mathematics Use of Formulae

1. In a basketball playground, the region that is 4 m or more from the

basket is called the 3-point region. Ben is a good shooter and if his

distance from the basket in the 3-point region is d m, his rate of score (G) can be calculated by using the following formula:

G = 〔320/[(d-2)^2]%

(a) Find the scoring rate of Ben in position A:

(b) Find the scoring rate of Ben at the centre of the playground.



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    在一個籃球場上,與籃框距離四公尺以上的範圍稱為三分區,BEN是個很好的射手. 假設他在三分區中且跟籃框的距離為d公尺,他的得分機率可以表示成下面這個公式:G = 〔320/[(d-2)^2]%



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