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Did anyone see the Trinity touchdown?

It didn't look like a real game. I didn't know you could do that in football.

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    The Trinity touchdown is definitely allowed in football because it was all lateral passes , which is allowed , untill they scored the touchdown. The lateral passes are allowed among players after the quarterback throws the first forward pass in the field.....

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    I found if had to believe that play was on the up and up. Unlike in the famous Stanford-Cal play it didn't look like the other team was trying to stop it. It looked fixed to me. I'm sure it wasn't, but it didn't look nearly as cool as the Stan-Cal play.

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    Yes. It was a stupid play that was not defended. The defense had no thought pattern about how to defend the play.

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    Yeah that was great, for anyone who has not seen it---

    It was 15 laterals BTW

    Source(s): link 1 = story link 2 = video
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    1 decade ago

    That was truly sick. All I can say is only in division 3!!!

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    I saw it and it was crazy you can throw as many laterals as you want as long as they are not forward laterals.

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    Dude that's wicked crazy! ( ^ _ ^ ) How many laterals was that? That's crazy!

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    ESPN really played it up.

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    yeah. I was getting bored halfway through the vid.

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    yeah i just saw that. amazing, it should get more coverage.

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