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Database in Access?

I want to make a database with Access in but have a place on database where one of the fields is a link to download a software

Name Type Tested Link

Calculator C++ Yes

Phonebook VB Yes

basically somehting like this but when they click on calculator or it will allow them to download the source code.

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  • chmod
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    1 decade ago
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    you can do this in Access, not sure about using it on a web app... in Access what you'd need for the column with "" is a Hyperlink Column...

    open the table in datasheet view

    under 'Insert' select "Hyperlink Column'

    click in the cell (in the Hyperlink column) to place a hyperlink in

    under 'Insert', select 'Hyperlink'

    select "Existing file or webpage' on the left, and locate the file to open

    click 'OK'

    not sure how to do this in ASP, but there's probably something similar using a DataGrid...

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