I want to publish small paper back books for people. What kind of equipment do I need?

I want to start a small publishing business in my retirement years now.

How do I get started? What all do I need? I will not be running any equipment just buying it for those who will be operating it for me. Where can I find new or used equipment and supplies?



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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are are dozens of on-line companies already in this field that, because of their size, can do this much cheaper (and likely better) than any small start up operation with limited capitol will ever achieve. Even the office supply stores are in the business! Staples offers color printing and wireless (like a book) binding service that is economical in runs of LESS than a few hundred.

    If you still want to go thru with this, Great American Equipment Company, has a used 1998 22" Comco Commander Five-Color Flexographic Printing Press w/ Kempsmith Die Cutting Machine listed for sale. Likely with shipping and setup it will cost you about million dollars.

    In many areas, pressmen that know how to operate this equipment are in a highly paid union. Expect to pay $38 per hour per man . You'll likely NOT be able to get them part time, so you'll pay this 40 hours a week regardless if you have anything to print or not. Add to this the cost of maintance of the machine plus supplies, you'll need at least $10 million just to open shop for the first year!

    Source(s): Equipment: Great American Equipment Company http://www.gaec.com/catalog/print.htm Online small publisher: UBuildABook http://www.ubuildabook.com Staples: http://www.staplescopycenter.com
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  • 6 years ago

    Your question seems to be more about "printing" a book rather than "publishing" a book. A printer is the one who will do the actual work of putting the type on the paper and binding it into a book. The publisher is the one who determines whether a book is marketable, edits it, sends it to the printer, and then markets it. I agree with the above response, printing is not viable on a small scale. You'd be better off to open a small print shop that did a variety of print jobs such as posters, flyers, booklets, stuff like that.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    You can go to Kinkos, and get it professionally bound and laminated, but you won't be able to make like a real book unless you publish it.

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