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My class is having a debate next week & the topic is 'gun-control'.i dunno what side to pick. against or for?

do you have any ideas that can help me formulate an opinion. thanks

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    This is the second time today that this question was asked. To me it is easier to argue for handgun control then against. Here are my answers to the anti-gun controls most widely used arguements:

    1. "They are needed for home protection" - But why do you need a handgun to protect your home? If I'm a burglar wouldn't the distinctive double click or a shotgun install more fear (and do more damage).

    2. "If you ban handguns then what's next, banning hunting rifles?" The slippery slope arguement can go both ways. If you allow for handguns, shouldn't you allow for automatic weapons. If you allow for automatic weapons, what about granade launchers? If granade launchers, why not anti-aircraft rockets? etc. etc. Give everyone the nuke. Slippery slopes arguements go both ways. Most people who want to ban handguns are not after rifles or shotguns. Its the fact that you can hide a handgun in your jacket that makes it so dangerous.

    3. "I can kill with a car, a butterknife or a lollipop stick. Are you going to ban those too?" A car is made for transportation, a butterknife is for spreading butter, a lollipop stick for holding your kid's lollipop. Handguns are the only product in the US that if used correctly will kill another human being.

    4. "If you make handguns illegal the only people with guns will be criminals." What? Is that really an arguement. Why not allow crack cocaine to be legal? That way only the law abiding will use crack cocaine.

    5. "I need a handgun to protect myself away from the home." - I have never carried a handgun in my life and I'm still alive and I've never been mugged. Crime is a problem in this country, but more people are killed by accidental shootings then by criminals attacking them. Guns are more dangerous to those you love then those who would do you harm.

    6. "Some people use handguns for sport or recreation." - Fine, then leave your handguns at the recreation/sports club that you shoot at (just like they do in the UK).

    7. "Crime rates go down in areas that allow handguns." - Yes, in areas that recently allowed handgun permits the crime rate did go down. However, they did not go down as much as the national average. Plus, historically crime rates and accidental shooting rates go up in areas that allow handguns. The most important reason for this is that crimes of passion go way up when people have a gun close by. They have no time to cool off and clear their heads. One of the big lessons everyone needs to learn in life is statistics can be used to prove both sides of an arguement (and often most people lie about the statistics they give knowing you would never look them up).

    8. "If you ban guns the government will be better able to control you." Really, like in most of Europe today, Japan, Canada? Living in fear is a great way to live a happy life.

    9. "2nd Amendment" - A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. What in the world is well regulated about the gun use in this country today? Those wack jobs in Montana that form their own militias are using their 2nd Amendment rights, not every person that owns a gun.

    Needless to say I'm very for handgun control. You need to put a strict ban on it and ban all sales and distribution. It will take a few decades before all of the guns are gone, but it will work. Try to purchase a gun in Europe's nearly impossible.

    Source(s): Here's a link to the earlier debate, if it helps.;_ylt=Arx0O...
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    Pick the side that you think you would be most comfortable debating, after doing some research on both sides. If you do, then you will appear more "natural", and believable in the debate. Also it might be a good idea to see which side is most popular in your school, it might help you to get support in the debate. If you live in a big city, more than likely the majority would be pro-gun control, if you live in a small town/countryside area in the south or Midwest, then probably go with anti-gun control. I am a moderate when it comes to this issue. Good luck!

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    First off, which side do you support?

    If you are indifferent, I'd go for against.

    As an argument you can bring up the VA tech shootings and explain that if guns were allowed, perhaps one of the students could have defended his/herself.

    You can also argue that we have gun control now, yet "bad" people still seem to get a hold of guns, so why restrict everyone?

    I don;t know, those are really basic points you can take.

    Read the link below and that may give you a rough idea on what points to hit up, or if you want to change sides.

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    Don't get stuck on which side to pick. In a debate, just pick a side. Flip a coin if you have to. Once you do that follow two tactics:

    1. Brainstorm as many arguments as you can to support the side you're on.

    Figure out how your opponent might try to refute your side and develop a come back for each argument.

    2. Brainstorm as many arguments as your opponent might cite to support their side.

    Figure out a way to refute each of their arguments.

    Do a websearch to learn more about the arguments each side might have. Better yet, discuss the issue with your team mates, if you have them, and try to figure out your approach. That's not only a really good way to learn about an issue and but you develop critical thinking skills about issues.

    Good luck!

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    I for1 am against Gun Control.

    I want to be able to defend my family if an intruder breaks in, carrying a gun. Knives just don't work.

    As many attacks that are going on today, we all need to be ready for what ever may happen. I for 1 will defend family, Friends and country if needed. You can't do that with out guns.

    Do you really think the mobsters, gang members are going to give up their guns? Not, they can get them on any given day, and the problem is they can kill cops.

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    jd4640 said "Just remember that the constitution guarantees the right of the people to keep and bear arms.".. Actually the Constitution prohibits the government from infringing on the endowed right that you already possessed before the Constitution was written. And yes I just hate it when someone brings a knife to a gunfight.

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    Just remember that the constitution guarantees the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

    Check out the NRA web site.

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    There are plenty of interest groups on both sides. Look up their websites and read the arguments. Brady Campaign and NRA for starters.

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    if you pick for.. it will be alot easier to wright about and also you will have alot more resourse supporting your postition to get facts from also most people are for it and it will be easier to debate something that more people will back your points up better than your the person your against.

  • do some research on the crime rates of nations and cities that have vs do not have gun control laws. you will find astonishing correlations with nations such as Australia and England, having very high crime rates to that of say............Switzerland.

    Source(s): When gun control was enacted in Australia the crime rate went up 40%
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