What's a perfect gift for the unprivileged kids?

I am now starting to buy gifts for the unprivilieged kids of the Home of Love for the Sick and Malnourished Children in Davao City, Philippines.

Yearly, i sponsor a Christmas party where i organize games & distribute gifts.

For the past years, aside from donating money, milk and books to the orphanage, i give individual gifts to the children like toys and clothes. Now, i want something different.

What would be a perfect material gift for the kids this Christmas?


yeah, i know the spelling of "PRIVILEGE" sorry if i mispelled it. it was a typo... i need an answer to my question and NOT a correction!!!

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    teddy bears and baby dolls, something they can really become close to and turn to when they are feeling down. They love to have things to cuddle with that they know will always be there for them.

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    Everyone always gives them what they need, clothes, shoes, food, but I think it would be nice for them to get something unexpected, a nice toy for a child, or some jewelry or music for the older kids. Or if they really need shoes get them those heelies or whatever they are called that all the kids have now.

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    Pocket cameras,tiny radios,that way they can keep up with the world and take pictures of family or friends,don't forget batteries! And maybe a way to devolope the film.Hope this helped and God Bless you,Merry Christmas to you too.!

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  • 1 decade ago

    clothes and shoes

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