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Code 23 TPS 1993 F350 4X4 7.3 Diesel-had a 62 code?

I changed the TPS [fipl] & the sensor on the rear end. IT STILL shifts VERY_VERY Hard no matter where i adjust the TPS. When i set it @ 1.0 Volt on the idle stop & 3.98 Volt on the WOT. It shifted ok @ first. Tried disconnecting the battery overnight. When i cleared the codes with the scanner & drove it - it shifted ok @ first. Tried 1.5 Volts same thing.The O/D light on the shifter keeps Blinking. Last night it shifted alot smoother.Can't find the base idle because the book says look on the engine decal {gone}. Mitchell on Demand is NO help. I don't have a STAR Tester or a BREAKOUT box like they say.

Just a Vetronics Scanner & a SNAPON BRICK. any HELP WOULD BE greatly APPRECIATED ! IT feels like it shifts 4 times ! Seems 2 use alot of fuel now.

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    23 is the TPS but 62 is a Torque Converter Clutch error. Based on what else you said it does sound like a bad torque converter. We don't replace them that often but when we do it always seems to be on a Ford. It sounds like you need a new torque converter to me.

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