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I'm Very unsatisfied With The WWE Lately, Therefore I'm Making my own Little Company...?

The Name- Real Wrestlin' Federation (R_W_F)

Week 1: Vacated Titles Get Owners.

Match 1). Kane & Finlay vs. Hardcore Holly & Tommy Dreamer *For The Vacated RWF Tag Titles.*

Match 2). Gail Kim vs. Mickie James *For The Vacated RWF Womens Title.*

Match 3). Val Venis vs. Santino Marella vs. D.H. Smith *For The RWF Mid-Card Title.

Match 4). RWF Ligtweight Title: Gregory Helms vs. Jamie Noble.

Match 5). Cade & Murdoch vs. Jesse and Festus #1 Contenders Match For The RWF Tag Titles.

Match 6). John Morrison vs. CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke vs. KENTA vs. Trips vs. Sting vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Edge vs. Bryan Danielson vs. MVP vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Orton vs. Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker *For The RWF Undisputed World Title.*

Rate and Pick a Winner For Each Match..


Battle Royal...

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    Favorite Answer we go Ken...

    1:Holly and Dreamer will grab the RWF titles after Kane chokeslamming Finlay,then Finlay hit back his partner with the shelillagh(however spelled is even more difficult from my name!!..LOL)..I wan to see Dreamer with a title and since WWE can't do it..i hope that RWF can do...!!

    2:Mickie James with the Mick Kick..She is the combination of a good wrestler's your new RWF Women's Champ!

    3:DH Smith will surprised the whole world and will grab a surprising victory...with a powerslam and the Bulldogs's legacy continues..New RWF Mid-Card Champ!!

    4:Gregory Helms will win in his first match since his injury and he'll become RWF Lightweight Champion.The fact that ecited the fans so much?That Helms won the match with the Chokeslam..i sign that he'll come as Hurricane next week..He is behind the 222 promo(lol)!!

    5.Cade and Murdock will cheat to win and they'll become new RWF Tag Champs..though Festus is getting mad and beat the living sh*t out of them after the match...

    6:The Undertaker will pin John Morrison...after John tried a top rope move Taker grabbed him in the air and executed the tombstone piledriver on him...1...2...3...We have a new RWF Undispured World Heavyweight Champion....The Undertaker...The Legend Continues...

    after the match the Chairman(you) is out to give Taker congrats and taker gives you the Chokeslam..Taker waks away but you run back..start to punch him and giving him a huge spear and you make the announcement for next week..."You just made the worst mistake of your life week it will be You vs(you choose) for the RWF Undisputed Championship"!!

    Good Night Ladies and Gentlemen and Thank you for joining us....LOL..LMAO!!(Don't take into considaration what i said but i'm on a

    I don't know what catch me to do all that...DAMN!!

    i went crazy in the past 5

    RWF Week 1 Rate:Almost excellent 9/10!!


    *edit*:Hell Yeah!!

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    1. Holly and Dreamer 10/10

    2. Gail Kim 8/10

    3. D.H. Smith 7/10

    4. Gregory Helms 7/10

    5. Jesse and Festus 4.5/10

    6. Bryan Danielson. BEST IN THE WORLD! 10/10

  • Match 1 - Holly & Dreamer -4/10

    Match 2 - Gail - 9/10

    Match 3 - Smith - 7/10

    Match 4 - Helms - 9/10

    match 5 - Jesse/Festus 10/10

    match 6 - Undetaker -10/10

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    1. Kane betrays Finlay and wins the title byhimself with a double chockeslam on Dreamer and Holly.

    2. Mickie wins with a ddt from the Top Rope.

    3. DH smith with the power slam on Marella.

    4. Gregory Helmes with a distraction from Hornswaggle!

    5. Cade and Murdock with a high-low closeline on Jesse.

    6. Edge steals a victory with a con-chair to on Sting with Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy trys to betray Edge but Edge was on step ahead and throws Kennedy out for the win and the title!

    Source(s): Show gets 4 stars out of 5! ****
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    1. kane, 5 would be better if it was a hell in a cell or no dq

    2. mickie james 4

    3. dh smith 5

    4. gregory helms 2, not even close

    5. jesse and festus 4

    6. undertaker 7 but in what type of match?

  • Rating: 9 out of 10


    Winner:Kane & Finlay

    Rating:7 out of 10


    Winner: Mickie James

    Rating:6 out of 10


    Winner: DH Smith

    Rating: 9 out of 10


    Winner: Gregory Helms

    Rating: 8 out of 10


    Winner: Jesse & Festus

    Rating: 8.7 out of 10


    Elimination Order:



    3.CM Punk

    4. Elijah Burke

    5.Bryan Danielson




    9.Kurt Angle

    10. Morrison

    11. Kennedy

    12. MVP

    13. Undertaker


    Rating: 11 out of 10

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    Good imagination,a lot of people like you feel that starting a wrestling company is esy ,then well you look at thousands of promotions started in this manner but they became bankrupt.Few promotions like wwe,wcw,ecw and tna made it on tv but only wwe and tna have managed to survive.I do like your card though for the vacated titles.Its a shame you dont have the money to buy thses wrestlers and have those great matches.

    Source(s): my mind
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    HardCore and Tommy

    Gail Kim

    D.H Smith


    Jesse and Fetus


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    1.Kane & Finlay i do not like Finlay change him.

    2.Gail Kim she is hot times 19989775662

    3.D.H. Smith


    5.Cade and Jesse

    6.HBK or TAKER

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    Kane, 8.5

    Mickie James, 5

    D.H. Smith, 6.1

    Jamie Noble. 4.9

    Cade & Murdoc. 7


    Source(s): Give me a hell yeah!!! *Starred*
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