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Should I trade L. Jordan and B. Griese for J. Garcia??

I'm in desperate need of help at QB right now, I'm 4-4 and 2 games back from the lead. I need to make a strong push into the playoffs and QB has been my weakness all year. Here's my roster:

QB1 - K. Warner

QB2 - M. Bulger (bench)

QB3 - B. Griese (bench)

RB1 - L. Johnson

RB2 - L. Jordan

RB3 - J. Chatman (bench)

RB4 - D. Wynn (IR, will drop and add R. Grant RB GB instead)

WR1 - R. Wayne

WR2 - L. Coles

WR3 - P. Crayton (bench)

WR4 - L. Evans (bench)

WR5 - C. Henry (bench)

TE1 - J. Witten

TE2 - H. Miller (bench)

The other team needs help at RB and WR, his starter is D. Anderson and backups are P. Rivers and J. Garcia. Who should I offer for Garcia? I was thinking Jordan and either Griese or Warner as I can't have more than 3QBs. Thanks for your help!

I say Jordan cuz I think his value is only going to decline where Chatman and Grant's will increase now that they are determined to run the ball more.

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    Take the trade, hands down. Griese is almost as bad as Grossdaddy and Lamont just cant get over that back injury. Plus I feel that Ryan Grant will be much better than Jordan.

    Garcia is looking solid and is worth the trade, but what I would do is propose a trade back and try to get someone else and if the trade is denied then propose his trade back at him. Good luck

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    You will need some luck. Look for Jordan to have a big game this week if his back is ok. I just picked up Garcia and he is going to start ahead of Rivers this week for my team.But I am 5-2-1.I have Westbrook,Parker, Colston,Roy Williams and Braylon Edwards. I have PLAYMAKERS !!Garcia is steady so you have to think about the trade. Good Luck!!

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    i would most definatly get rid of brian. lamont is good though, but you have some solid backs already. take it.

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