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Amanda asked in HealthOther - Health · 1 decade ago

I am getting my tonsils and adenoides removed on Friday! HELP!?

I know I have asked questions about this in the past, but time is moving so quickly, and I only have 4 days until the surgery. I am really nervous as to I have never done surgery before. Anyone who has had the surgery in the past, please answer. Any help would be appreciated.


tonsil and adenoid surgery

Update 2:

I get Strep a lot. That is why. Thanks Liz!

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  • lozzie
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    1 decade ago
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    Hi Mandi,

    I am 20 and had mine out a fortnight ago. When you get to the hospital a nurse will admitt you, they will take your weight and height, blood pressure, tempreature and put an ID band on your wrsit. They will ask you what seems like a million questions but it is to make sure you are healthy and o.k to have the operation. You will change into a hosptial gown, you can leave your underwear on, and then you'll get into a bed. An anethetist will come and see you and take you to an anesthetic bay and they will have to put an IV in the back of your hard. If you relax everything, and take slow deep breathes and don't watch, it's doesnt really hurt, it's just a big pinch and once it is in you won't feel it. They will inject a sedative into the IV just to relax you a bit. Next the surgeon will come and see you and make sure everyone knows who you are and what procedure he is doing. Next, you will be taken into the operating thearte and you will probably feel a bit woozy. You will be lifted onto the operating table, a blood pressure cuff will be put on your arm, a peg like thing on a finger. A few sticky spots may be put on your chest and back and then a mask will be put on your face. Depending on the anesthists preference they will either inject anesthetic into the IV, which burns a little bit, or it will be given through the mask, it doesn't smell real nice but you'll be out of it in about 2 seconds.

    You will wake up about 45 minutes later, your throat will be sore but the nurses will do their best to make you comfortable. If it's just day surgery you will be allowed to go home once you can eat and drink, usually a couple of hours. Some surgeons/hospital require you to stay overnight, you will be a room with other people or maybe in your own room. You'll be able to watch TV and if you need anything just press a button and a nurse will be there to take care of you. The following morning the surgeon will come and see you and make sure you have eaten and had plenty to drink berfore sending you home. Your throat will be sore for a few weeks, but the first few days are the worst. You won't feel like eating and drinking but you need to otherwise it will hurt alot worse. You will probable be given some painkillers, most likely in liquid form and you should take them before the pain gets really bad.

    Having surgery is scary but the nurses and doctors are really nice and do their best to put you at ease. I had major head and neck surgery last year to remove a large benign tumor from my salivary gland. The surgery took 4 hours and I was in hospital for 4 days. Now that was really scary, but the sugeons always made sure I understood what would happen and they encouraged me ask questions. They knew I was scared but they did their best to not make we worry. The greatest fear I had was the fear of the unkown. Having my tonsils out was nothing compared to that.

    Good Luck, Be Brave

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  • 1 decade ago

    I had my tonsils and adenoids removed when I was about 9 or 10. I am so glad I did too. I was always getting sore throats and getting sick when I had them, well I am 23 now and I have been sick since but have not had a sore throat. And because I ad my adenoidss removed at the same time, I do not snore anymore. My parents said I used to "rock the house" with my snoring, now I do not snore at all, and even sleep better.

    All I can remember is being a little sore for about a week or so, but I ate a lot of Jello and Ice cream (that seemed to help).

    So Don't worry about it. But it is usually harder to have this done when your older, I dont knpw how old you are...but it will be just fine.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I had mine removed at a very early age, can't exactly remember when now. Anyway, it's not scary at all, I can remember being injected with a milky substance that put me to sleep - it was injected into the back of my hand, I can't actually remember the fluid emptying because I was fast asleep by then. Once you wake up, you won't feel anything, a slightly sore throat but that's it! It's really nothing to worry about at all... Good luck anyway...

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  • 1 decade ago

    heyy. how old are you ? i'm 15.. i just had mine out this morning! its nothing that bad... they bring you into a room, get the IV started, and then the anastesiologst will come in and wheel you into the OR. they lay you on this tiny table, lol, and tell you to think of a happy place. and then boom! before you know it you're waking up. i'm in a lil pain right now, but the most important thing to do is drink alot. it will hurt, but it will hurt sooo much worse if you don't drink anything. they prescribed me hydrocodone [vicodin] but they might give you oxicodone [oxycotten] it doesn't taste bad. it comes in liquid. they also gave me like 6 bottles of liquid anti biotics to take.. hah. haven't really started them yet.. afraid of what its gonna taste like :) if you want to you can talk to me on messager or email me. <333 good luck!

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