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How do you achieve perfect skin???????

First of all don't say go to a dermatologist b/c my mom isn't going to take me. My skin is pretty oily most of the time, but even if I only wash it once with any kind of product it feels really tight and it dries out bad!!!!!!!!! I have some blackheads that won't go away, and occasionally i will get these zits that hurt bad and they look like mosquito bites. No face washes seem to work, everything dries out my skin even if only used once! I have been trying to achieve perfect skin for like 3 years! and don't suggest makeup i want real perfect skin! you can suggest anything or give specific product names!



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    Perfect skin is not achieved within a day. It takes a proper diet, excercise, sleep, hygene and skin care. The latter is will actually be less significant if you can stick to the rest.

    However, most of these steps require to much of a life style change for most people and so they try and fight the symptoms caused by such, with skin care alone.

    I have been using a skin cream called "Perfection Face Cream" for about 6 months. I myself have mild acne as well as a slightly oily complexion and my skin too feels very dry and parched even after mild cleansing. However, this cream wroks very well and has cleared up my skin by far. It works best if applied after cleansing, which also prevents the skin from drying out. A little goes a long way and I find it keeps my skin balanced all day long. At night I wash it again and put it on fresh again for the night.

    So far this has worked out fabulously.

    You can get this cream at

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    Perfect skin is a very hard thing to achieve and does take time and quite a lot of money may be spent but however as well as facial cleaners in store you can use a variety of home remedies.

    You can use honey which I heard is very good

    Tea Tree oil which seems to be the solution for everything

    Banana skin


    Toothpaste ...don't leave on for too long because it can dry your skin

    Do no use flannels to wash your face because they are harsh on your skin and carry bacteria

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    Try Lush's Love Lettuce Face Mask. I absoulutly live on this product. I also have oily skin and my mom bought this home for me one day and volia now my skin is not oily anymore.

    Heres the link to the sight. I use the face mask everynight or everyother night. I put it on then watch TV or read magazines. My mom says that when i grow older ( im 14 now )my skin will become less oily. I hope i could help you. Good Luck xxxx

    (oh and it smells really fresh and yummy)

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    u try garnier pure gel for washing ur face n garnier pure facewash to remove blackheads. may b u r using very much harsh face wash or soap that even dries oily skin. always apply moisturiser within 3 min aftr washing ur face.

    warm a cup of milk.add juice of 1 lemon in it.massage.

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    You really should go see a dermatologist, they can give you the right kind of product for your specific skin. If you want a general quick fix you can always try proactive. I work with High School students and have seen great results with those who have used it. However, you really should see your doctor for a referral to dermatologist.

    I used Clinique 3 steps for skin and it works but it is expensive.

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    Your skin needs consistency for it to get better and keep from getting blemishes. Try a 3-step system like Proactiv or Clinique. They may both be a bit pricey but once you find a system that works for you, you'll love it so much that you won't mind spending a little extra.

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    i have started using a soap called sw+ss l gluthathione a few days back, it has made my skin really clear, i am amazed with the results, now i only think that how can something be so GOOD-- i bought it from e bay--u can give it a try

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    Try ROC or works for most of da people..

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