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Do any of you guys know the name of the womwn who sings this song?

Verse: I’ve got so much to thank God for, So many wonderful blessings, So many open doors, a brand mercy along with each new day, that’s why I praise for you, and for this I give You praise. HMMMMMMMM

For waking me up this morning, (That’s why I praise You),

For starting me on my way, (That’s why I praise You)

For letting me see the sunshine (That’s why I praise You)

Of a brand new day (oh,oh,oh)

A brand new mercy (That’s why I praise You),

Along with new each new day (That’s why I praise You)

For this I give You praise…. (choir)

You’re Jehovah Jirah (That’s why I praise You)

You’ve been my provider (That’s why I praise You)

So many times you’ve met my needs (That’s why I praise you)

So many times you rescued me (oh, oh, oh)

I want to thank you (That’s why I praise You)

You give me to each day (That’s why I praise You)

For this I give you praise…

For every mountain,

You’ve brought me over

For every trial

You’ve seen me through

For every bless


For this I give you praise (repeat x 3, take it up each time)

For this I give you praise

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    The actual song is :

    For Every Mountain

    Written by: Kurt Carr

    1997 KCartunes Music, Lilly Mack Music (Admin. by Lilly Mack Publishing, Inc.)

    There are several versions of it. The original is by Kurt Carr Singers, and you can see it online at :

    or Yahoo at :

    It's on Amazon at

    track number 3.

    It is the album from Kurt Carr, but a female vocalist is singing it.

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    Sadly, these lyrics completely misrepresent the bible's use of the term "Jehovah-jireh". The term appears exactly once in the bible, and plainly refers to the place (or the altar itself) described in this account:

    (Genesis 22:13-14) Abraham went and took the ram and offered it up for a burnt offering in place of his son. And Abraham began to call the name of that place Jehovah-jireh.

    Thus, the term "Jehovah-Jireh" is not another name of Jehovah God any more than "Washington DC" is another name for the first President of the United States.

    Learn more:

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