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How long do morgues store unclaimed or unidentified bodies? And what do they do with them if they are never?


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    Depends on the morgue and the cause of death. I've heard of unclaimed bodies being disposed of in as little as one week and as much as 6 months. Storage can be a huge factor in how long they keep corpses. You have to keep them refidgerated or they become a health hazard, and you may have other newer bodies that you need to preserve as well.

    They usually take sufficient samples (i.e. DNA) and pictures so that the body could be identified later.

    They then cremate and place is a graveyard (usually several to one grave), known as "potters field" filled with other such cases. This is usually known as a pauper's grave because the majority of such cases are homeless. However, even if it was clear that the person had lots of money, if he or she is never claimed, this is what happens.

    Pretty grim.

    As for the below answer ... no, the props and makeup department are more than sufficient to create any death scene that these shows require. Moreover, actors have no desire whatsoever to work with corpses!

    Without someone to sign a consent form, the state can do NOTHING with these bodies other than cremate and bury them. They can't use them for transplants, experimentation, science or teaching.

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    This depends on where you live.Also if there is a crime investigation involved.Usually it would be about 30 days,if no-one collects the deceased they are cremated and stored in city storage,some places still bury the unclaimed and indigent(broke) in what is called a potters field most places have one some are kind of interesting as they show a bit of an areas history especially if you live in an old area

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    long morgues store unclaimed unidentified bodies

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    Unclaimed Dead Bodies

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    I think they store the bodies in the morgue for a period of three to six months, and when they are never claimed, they are preserved to be studied by science students. That's how it is where I am from..

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    They go to the State Anatomy Board. If no one ID's them or claims them within 72 hours, they are considered property of the state and they are used for medical research. When the research is over, the body is cremated and buried in a common grave with people of similar demises. Hope this helps!

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    I have a few questions hopefully someone can help me. My son has been dating a girl for like 10 years her mom just died on Saturday . She has 3 daughters all with mental or physical disabilities . My son called his girlfriend and found out her mom is dead. The state took her body. 2 days later adult protective services took the girls. cps took the 13 year old. My question is since my son is not married to the oldest girl with disabilities and there s no family to claim the body how can I go about finding out where the sate has her body? There s no record on line of her death.

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    They sell them to TV networks for use on crime-shows like CSI or Cold Case. It's a lot cheaper for the networks to buy real bodies than to have a special-effects team make one from scratch, and it relieves the morgue of the responsibility of tracking down any next of kin.

    Here's a tip: have your name and Social Security number tattooed in your armpit. That way you won't end up on Bones.

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    In the US the police do not store bodies. It is up to the county coroner or medical examiner. In my county the bodies are stored for one month if not claimed. Then they are buried.

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    6 months and then after they have done a people search on them ,with no result they give them a paupers funeral with a unmarked gave ,very sad indeed.

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